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Q: Can you describe about lathe machine and operation?
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What is difference between Lathe machine Shaper machine and Milling machine?

enough difference between lathe machine and shaper lathe machine in use to turning boring and in lathe machine object move and shaper operation is that in shaper forward and backword operation for use and shaper makes gear, key ,slots

What is step turning operation on lathe machine?

Step turning is an operation performed on lathe machine where the excess material is removed from the workpiece to obtain various steps of different diameters.

What operations do in the lathe machine?

In lath machine mostly operation we can perfom.

What is step turning on lathe machine?

step turning is basically an operation performed on lathe machine to reduce diameter of a cylindrical work piece

What is the attachment of lathe machine?

Lathe operation. Milling operation is done with its axis of rotation. The final product is always turning point in the round.

Different operations in lathe machine?

The main operation in a lathe machine is to turn material. In all lathes, a piece is held and rotated around an axis while metal is cut.

What is taper turning on lathe machine?

An operation performed on a lathe that feeds a tool at an angle to the length of the workpiece in order to create a conical shape.

Why lathe is called a basic machine tool?

Lathe is power driven machine,which is used for many operation such as reduction in length,dia and enables threading,surface finishing operations etc which are the basic operations to be carried out for the component.

What is the function of motor in the lathe machine?

what is the function of a motor on a lathe machine

What is feed in lathe in machine?

non- examples of feed in lathe machine?

Difference between Vertical drill machine and lathe machine?

vertical drill machine is only specified for drilling only whereas various job can be done by using Lathe machine. in lathe machine the job rotates, on the contrary in drilling machine the spindle rotates. Relatively high speed can be given in drilling machine than lathe machine.

What is the difference between lathe machine and drilling machine?

difference between lathe and drill machine doing full on piece of metal

How you calculate rated power of lathe machine?

how we calculate the rated power of lathe machine?

What is profiling on lathe machine?

Vertical milling machine is for cutting large pieces. The lathe cutting tool motion is perpendicular to the ground. They are said to Karosl lathe.

What is difference between turning machine and lathe machine?

There is no difference between a turning machine and a lathe. They are two names for the same kind of machine

What are the differences between lathe machine and milling machine?

lathe machines for round pieces. Milling machine for flat parts.

What is direction x-axis in turning operation on lathe machine?

Moving parallel to the longitudinal axis of the workpiece the tool is called the x-axis.

What is the Difference between lathe and milling machine?

lathe machine is a chodna type machine which makes a work piece into various shape

What is difference between lathe machine and drilling machine?

difference between lathe and drill machine doing full on piece of metal

What is shaping in lathe machine operations?

Although shaping usually refers to removal of material from a staionary object, material removed while rotary broaching with a Slater broach on a lathe is very similar to a typical shaping operation.

What are the parts of lathe machine?

Lathe bed. Gearbox. Electric. Tuesday systems. Svprt. Birdie machine.

What are the short comings of lathe machines?

what is lathe machine in short answer

How Lathe machine held workpiece?

a lathe is a woodworking or metalworking rapidly turns the items to be lathe,

Who is father of lathe machine?

The lathe machine is an ancient tool, dating back to approximately 1300 BC. It was first developed as a two-person lathe by the Ancient Egyptians.

What are the Functions of tool post of lathe machine?

Tool Post is nothing but a object which has the provision of holding the tool which is used for the turning or facing or surface finish operation or etc.,.