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Yes, it is possible at least sometimes to see the defect during an ultrasound.

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Q: Can you detect Spina Bifida before birth?
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When does Spina Bifida appear?

Spina Bifida develops in the first trimester of pregnancy, and can be seen at birth, or before birth sometimes by ultrasound.

How can a person be high risk for Spina Bifida?

You cannot "get" Spina Bifida after birth, it is a birth defect. An unborn child can be at risk for Spina Bifida by his/her mother not getting enough folic acid during and before pregnancy, and also if there is a family history of Spina Bifida.

Can someone have spina bifida and not be born with it?

No, spina bifida is a birth defect. Therefore, a person has to be born with spina bifida to have it.

Is Spina Bifida autosomal or sex linked?

The Spina Bifida birth defect is autosomal.

Can Spina Bifida fly?

Your question does not make sense. Spina Bifida is a birth defect.

How long does Spina Bifida last?

Spina Bifida is a birth defect. It is permanent. It does not go away.

When is Spina Bifida fatal in utero?

Spina Bifida is usually not fatal in utero, especially with modern medicine in developed countries. Before antibiotics were available, most children with Spina Bifida died shortly after birth, but not in utero.

How can you prevent yourself from getting Spina Bifida?

You cannot "get" Spina Bifida after you are born. It is a birth defect, which means you are born with it, and that is the only way a person can "get" Spina Bifida.

Can someone with Spina Bifida have a normal pregnancy?

Yes a person with spina bifida can have a normal birth. I have spina bifida and had a healthy boy at the age of 24 years.

Is Spina Bifida congenital?

Congenital means present at birth, and yes, Spina Bifida is present at birth. It is a birth defect. All birth defects are congenital.

What can be done to remove spina bifida?

The spinal opening can be closed shortly after birth or even in the womb, but this will not "remove" the Spina Bifida. Spina Bifida is a permanent, lifelong condition.

Are there stages to Spina Bifida and if so what are they?

There are four different types of Spina Bifida, but no stages. It is a birth defect, and the damage to the spine and nerves results in the disability known as Spina Bifida.

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