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The above answer is actually incorrect, Yes you can tell the sex from 12 weeks onwards if the sonographer has researched and knows how to use the nub theory which is basically the angle of the dangle, every baby has a nub that does look like a willy up until around the 16th week but it is the angle of the nub which allows you to determine gender for boys the nub has to be pointing up on more than a 30 degree angle and girls lower, the girls nub tends to be flat and in line with the spine there is lots of information on the 'nub theory' which claims to be 95% accurate at 12/13 weeks and in my own personal experience having two little girls and seeing there nubs both me and sonographer agreed they were girls hope this helps :)

2010-07-18 15:49:20
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Q: Can you determine the baby's sex at the 13 week scan?
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I am not sure what you are meaning, but no I think not, you will find out the babys sex only when you are 18 weeks +, if you are living in the UK then you will find out at your 20 week scan (normality scan).

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