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yes Allergies can appear at any time in your life

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Q: Can you develop an allergy to your dog overnight?
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Is it possible to develop an allergy to marijuana?

Yes, there is a possibility that anyone at anytime can develop an allergy to marijuana.

Can you develop a seafood allergy?


What is a good treatment for dog allergy?

A good treatment for dog allergy is nasal spray that will relieve your nasal sensitivity.

Is it possible to develop an allergy?

hec, yeah.

What should i do i had a dog i had to give away because of my dad's allergy?

get allergy meds

Can you be allergic to Dachshunds if you have COPD?

Depends on the person. You can have a dog allergy but no COPD, COPD but no dog allergy, or COPD and dog allergy.I recommend you do an allergy test to see if you are allergic to dogs. If it comes positive, you can still have certain breeds of hypoallergenic dogs. I added a link for you in the related links section with an article that explains what makes a dog hypoallergenic and lists breeds you could consider (and avoid!) if you have a dog allergy. Also, if you do have one, you should take to your doctor before making a decision on whether or not to get a dog.

Are beagles allergy free?

No sadly they are not that type of dog that is allergy free but there is a big verity of them out there.

Are allergies infectious?

No, but some seems to be triggered by exposure. So if you develop an allergy someone who spends a lot of time with you will get the same exposure to whatever and might develop an allergy too.

How do you treat my dog who has a respiratory allergy?

Eat it.

When antibodies develop against a person's own cells?


Is it possible to develop a cat allergy?

yes you can develop a cat allergy because as your body changes mutations can occur then cause you to become allergic to a cat. your body chemistry is always changing.

Can a dog grow whiskers overnight?


Will mulberries kill your dog if she eats them?

Barring a food allergy, it will not harm your dog.

Why does your dog cough with an allergy?

If you dog has an allergy then the allergic reaction could be affecting his lungs/wind pipe and this will irritate them and make him cough. You should take you dog to see a vet as soon as possible.

Are bumps all over a dog a rash or an allergy if there is no hair loss but some scabs and flaking?


Can you spontaneously develop an allergy to something you weren't allergic to the day before such as animal dander?

Yes, it is possible to develop an allergy to something you weren't previously allergic to. Your body chemistry changes about every seven years making allergies easy to develop.

Can you be allergic to raccoons?

Yes, people could develop an allergy to raccoons.

Why do dogs drop hair?

allergy to dog food

Can you give your dog Equate Allergy Relief?


Can an intradermal allergy test be positive if you develop a wheal the day after the test?

If you develop a a red bumpy wheal that passes out the baseline circle you made after intradermal injection within 30 minutes then you are positive for an allergy.

Can a child get a reddish raised rash from a dog allergy?

Unless the child has the same allergy, No. Allergic reactions are not "contagious"

If you are allergic to penicillian can you take minocycline?

Yes, they are differnt drug classes. However, it is possible to develop an allergy to mincycline that is unrelated to the penicillin allergy.

Can you develop an allergy to green peppers?

if the peppers are mixed with red ones, then yes

Is a schnauzer an allergy free dog?

Yes actually they really are!

What are all of the low allergy dog breeds in the world?