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Not directly but emotional distress can seriously exacerbate other conditions to a fatal extent. People who have been emotionally rejected have starved themselves to death and in effect committed suicide in numerous different ways.

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How can you die from a broken heart?

You can't, it's an expression.

When someone die from grief that person is said to die from?

A broken heart.

How did Barbara Zoellner Barnard die?

BrokeN heart

How did johny cash die?

complications from diabetes and a broken heart.

Why does Lady Montague die?

Of a broken heart because Romeo is banished.

What is the medical term for broken-heart?

There is no such thing as a "broken heart".

How did Saint Sophia the mother of orphans die?

She is purported to have died of a broken heart.

How does gusteau die in ratatouille?

He died of a broken heart from the bad rewview from Ego

Can you die of a broken heart?

yes, stress hormones produced by the shock of a death or break up can weaken heart tissue or lead to a heart attack.

Can love give you a broken heart?

of course not. love can give you a broken promises and not a broken heart.

Can people die of broken hearts?

Yes, people can die of a broken heart. Like if you get depression and your immune system goes down and you get really sick or someone is so upset and they do suicide.

What did Paul Harvey die from?

A broken heart and the will to live after losing his beloved wife of 68 years

What does emo heart mean?

Emo heart means that have an emotional heart that can be easily broken or is already broken.

How do die of a broken heart?

Nobody dies of a broken heart. You may think that you can not live without that person but the true is that you can......I also think is really dome if you kill yourself for somebody that doesn't like you or ect.....

Display names that describes a broken heart?

Nothing can describe a broken heart...

How To Fix A Broken Heart?

If your a guy u can get over a broken heart with another girl and if your a girl u can get over a broken heart with another guy

How did anne franks dad die?

he died from typus or of a heart a tack and from a broken heart because of his family mostly annelise and morgot and his wife

What does a broken heart symbolise?

A broken heart symbolizes broken relationships, hurt feelings, failed relationships, and unhappiness.

What Does A Broken Heart Symbolize?

A broken heart symbolizes that you have had your heart broken. You have been hurt or disappointed in your love life and would like to express it in some way.

What is the samoan word for broken heart?

Fatu ta'e (fatu - heart; broken - ta'e)

What is the french translation for broken heart?

There are several ways of saying broken heart in French.

How do you do the broken heart icon on Facebook?

Can rabbits die from a broken heart?

Yes. Especially when they're a virgin when you commit beastiality and don't call them.

How can you mend a broken heart?

There is no known conventional medicine that can mend a broken heart, time can though

How do you said broken heart girl in Korean language?

실의 소녀 = broken heart girl