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Yes you could but it matters which type of mosquito you are referring to. some mosquitoes are harmless. it is usually the hairy or striped ones that could cause death or rather dengue. there are also other kinds of mosquitoes that could kill you for example the malarial mosquito in Mumbai.

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Yes, it is possible, if the mosquito is a variety that carries disease, if you develop the disease, and are not successfully treated for the disease.

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Q: Can you die from a mosquito bite?
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Can a canary die from a mosquito bite?

a canary could die from a mosquito bite if the mosquito has the west nile virus.

Can people die by a mosquito bite?


Can you die from a mosquito bite on your adamsapple?

No...but it is painful! :/

Do mosquito bite dead people?

a mosquito does not bite dead people unless they are recently passed. the blood has to be flowing for a mosquito to bite.

How many times can a mosquito bite?

It can only bite once .Unless you stop it from filling it`s stomach with blood. The reason it can only bite once is because the blood will harden in the mosquito to die.

Can mosquito bite pictures help me determine if my bites are from a mosquito?

Yes, mosquito bite pictures can help you determine if your bites are from a mosquito. Simply compare them to pictures of mosquito bite pictures online.

When does aedes mosquito bite and when does anopheles mosquito bite?

i hate mmosquitos

What happens if male mosquito bite?

The male mosquito doesn't bite.

How did Howard Carter die?

Howard Carter died from a mosquito bite

Can you die from too many mosquito bite?

If the mosquitoes have malaria, then yes :)

What is the cause of mosquito bite?

when a mosquito bites you

Does a mosquito live after they bite?

no actually they die after eating a certain amount of blood

How does dengue mosquito bite looks like?

I guess like a normal mosquito bite! (:

Can I get Ebola through a mosquito bite?

No, a person can't get Ebola through a mosquito bite.

Can a male mosquito bite you?

a male mosquito can bite you, but they tend to bite animals. Usually large ones like horses

Why did Rupert brooke die?

Rupert Brooke died of sepsis from an infected mosquito bite.

Is it a mosquito bite or a spider bite if it's a red swollen spot that itches with a clear blister in the middle?

It is a mosquito bite.

Does only a female mosquito bite?

yes because the female mosquito bite people because for the lareve

Does a mosquito bite on the face?

Yes but very rarely. The most common place for a mosquito to bite is the legs

What is the difference between an ant bite and a mosquito bite?

The difference between an ant bite and a mosquito bite is quite simple. These bites come from two different insects.

How to protect from mosquito bite?

mosquito replellant. malaria nets

Do you get away from a person that has a mosquito bite?

mosquito bites are not contagious.

Is there any difference about a normal mosquito and a mosquito which has dengue?

The bite of a normal mosquito and a dengue mosquito are the same. The symptoms of the dengue mosquito bite is different. The dengue mosquito carries a virus and could cause nausea, vomiting, and a loss of your appetite.

What are mosquito?

A mosquito is an insect that can bite you. The place where a mosquito bites you is where it will itch a lot. To make the bite go away and not bother you longer, you must stop itching it.

What happen if a mosquito bites a mosquito bite?