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Can you die from eating starch?


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No. Good thing considering french fries are mostly starch. I'm not sure large quantities of plain starch would be good for you, and if you are talking laundry starch, there may be additives that would make life ugly. Additional Information: Recently a link was found between the strong craving for peculiar substances such as, cornstarch, laundry starch, even chewing ice, and iron and/or zinc deficiencies, anemia and colon cancer, and some other types of cancer. If you have any of these or other strong urges you need to make an appt. with your Dr. and be open and honest with them about your experiences. Get them to test for the deficiencies and anemia, and if you have them they will treat you for them. But don't leave it at that, ask them to look deeper and explore the root causes of the symptoms. This link doesn't mean that everyone with these strong urges has cancer, but your Dr. needs to investigate the reason for this set of symptoms.