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in theory you could, it could become infected and lead to septicemia (blood poisoning) but it would be painful if left that long, if it is cleaned and looked after i wouldn't say there is any risk, and i have had mine for 13 years

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Can you die by getting your belly button pierced wrong?

Yes you can

Is it normal if your belly is getting hard above your belly than under your belly button?

no u definitely need to get that checked out. u will probably die of belly button cacer

If you get your belly button cut off do you automatically die?


How did babe ruths daD die?

my belly button

How do you peirce your own belly botton?

You should never pierce your own belly button - it could get infected due to non-sterile needles and jewelry and you can even die from these infections. It's best to go to a professional tattoo shop, and get pierced there when you're of age/with your parents/guardians. Just wait until you can legally get pierced! It's not a big deal.

Will you die if your belly button piercing is infected?

HAHAHAHAHAH of course noot dont worry

Can you die by being hit in the belly button?

You throw up and get a huge pain for several days in the stomach, but most likely wont die

Can you belly button be cut off?

It can, but doing so is harshly dangerous. your belly button doesn't have much skin since it once filled you up blood when your mother was pregnate. If you cut it off, you will experience uncontrolable bleeding and you probibly will die.

Can you die from getting your tongue pierced?

HELLL NO! if you take care of it , then you will not have an infection but dying....i dont think so!

Im 12 and my mum says i cant get my belly button pierced because its chavy is it?

Your mother is always right! Yuuu won't die if u don't get it! I'm a 17 year old I wanted a piercing but now that I'm older I see how dumb it may be and that a piercing isn't all that!

Could you die if you have heart murmur and get your belly button pierced?

If you have a murmur, your piercer may ask you to bring a letter from yourDoctor advising the piercer that it is alright to perform body piercing services for you. Heart murmurs can be nothing to worry about then again they can be an indicator of a serious medical condition that can be life threatening. Talk to your Doctor.

Why would you bleed out from your eyes when you die?

That depends on how you die. When the aorta bursts, one way to die, the pressure is so hard that blood comes out of every orifice including the belly button.

Will you die from bleeding if you hit a vein while piercing your belly button?

Unlikely, although hitting a vein does increase the chance of an infection.

Can you die from getting your tongue pierced piercing a vein?

Generally no, there could be some complications with bleeding, but they should be controllable. You can die if the lingual artery is pierced but that's highly unlikely to happen... Infection is also another risk, but again - manageable if it happens.

Can you die from doing a belly flop?

no you could not die by doing a belly flop.

Can a belly ring affect a pregnancy?

I think that a belly ring effect pregnancy because if it gets infected that it can hurt the baby and the baby will probley die from the infection then it will be the mothers fault for having her belly piercedAnswerI think that a belly ring will effect a womens pregnancy because it would be really hurt baby and it could get infectwed and plus it would infect the inbulca cord that is feeding the baby and if the baby died thenit would be the mother's fault and would feel really guilty for her baby dying and then the hospital would not be able to do anything. AnswerNO absolutely not!! a belly ring will not hurt your baby!! I don't know where you all got your answers from, or if it's your personal opinion, but ask your OB he/she will tell you, that it's up to you, to keep it in or not, after a certain point in your pregnancy your belly button can/will turn out, and it could be a discomfort to you not your baby! AnswerI have had a belly ring for 10 years or longer, and have not had any issues, my ob actually thought my belly looked cute with it! I took it out about 6 months pregnant, and just inserted it so it wouldn't close up! it's a personal choice to leave it in, or take it out! AnswerNo, having your belly button pierced WILL NOT affect your pregnancy at all. The most problems it will cause is irritation to the piercing, but that is your pregnancy affecting your belly button ring. Not the other way around. The reason some say it does is due to your expanding belly and the stretching and protruding of your belly button, possibly causing discomfort around the piercing. There are some ways in avoiding or fixing the problem if you do have the problem, such as using a tephlan belly ring and/or cleaning the piercing everyday to avoid the risk of infection and possibly irritation. Note that all women and pregnancies are different. Your doctor may tell you to take the ring out, or even tell you its perfectly fine. Also, tephlan belly rings may not be a suitable or much more comfortable solution for all women. Ask your OB.

Can you die from getting your smiley pierced?

No, there is nothing there to hit that is dangerous, and even if the piercing were to rip out, the skin is so shallow that it would barely bleed.

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My belly button slowly leaks a clear fluid small amounts any suggestions as to the cause?

your probably dying of stomach tumours i had it myself and there is a 40% chance you will die

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