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Q: Can you die if you swallow your tooth?
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Would you die if you swallow a tooth or you dont die?


Does the tooth fairy come if you swallow your tooth?

Traditionally, the tooth fairy comes to take your tooth away and leaves payment for each tooth she takes. If you swallow your tooth and there is no tooth under your pillow, you will have nothing to offer the tooth fairy and she might not come.

Is it dangerous to swallow and digest tooth enamel?

Is is safe to swallow and digest tooth enamel? Also, what causes it to break off?

If you swallow a piece of your tooth does it grow in your stomach?


What is a ramification of tooth decay?

inability to swallow

Does it cause any problems inside of you after you have swallowed a tooth?

A tooth is not toxic in itself, but a tooth sometimes has had cavities filled with a substance called amalgam, which contains mercury and is therefore not safe to swallow. So, it depends on the tooth. Some are safe to swallow, some are not.

How can you tell if your loose tooth is a baby tooth or an adult tooth?

well you'll probbaly feel it or swallow it so you'd feel it

Can a wisdom tooth cause respiratory problems?

If you Swallow it you can choke....

Do you have to check your stool if you swallow a tooth?

Well, its not necessary but if you believe in the tooth fairy you might want it to give it to her.

What happens when you swallow a tooth?

When a child accidentally swallows a tooth, nothing happens. The tooth is excreted through the bowels along with other products.

What happens if you swallow an artificial tooth?

Don't worry if you have swallowed an artificial tooth. It may come out either by womitting or by potty.

What to do if you swallow a molar?

You will be fine if you swallow a molar or tooth. Kids do it all the time and they don't know it. They're fine. No harm is done.

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