Can you disable overdrive on a 1994 Ford Thunderbird LX?

put the trans in D not OD. you can also hold the trans in any gear as long as you like (red line if you want) by down shifting right after the transmission upshifts. it's a cool trick if you want to accelerate really fast, but becareful or you could blow your engine!

What was said above is a bad idea. First off the Computer can shift faster than you can do so manually therfor there is no real point in doing so. If you dont think its true go try it at a 1/4 drag strip. Second off its really bad on the trans and engine and will prematurely wairing it out. You can disable the overdrive if you want to know how to do so go to and go to the tech articals. Great website for MN12's (1989-1997 Ford Thunderbird and Mercury Cougar) it has alot of info on the cars and alot of how to's in modding these cars.

On all 1994 Thunderbirds the O/D on & off button is on the shifter. When you push the button a green light comes on the dash cluster and says O/D Off....