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Can you dismiss a current chapter 13 if your wages have been cut?

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You can dismiss a chapter 13 at anytime for any reason under the bankruptcy rules. Bear in mind that there may be reasons why you filed the chapter 13 in the first place. For example to save a house that was in foreclosure or because you filed a chaptert 7 previously and were not eligible to file another one. So if you need to stay in the chapter 13 amd your wage situation is just temporary, you might be able to suspend or halt the trustee payments for anywhere from one to four months. Check with your attorney or trustee on how to do this. Additionally, if you are otherwise eligible, you may just want to convert your chapter 13 to a chapter 7 bankruptcy and receive your discharge now. So, depending on your needs and circumstances, you can dismiss your case, suspend the payment or convert it.

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Are there fees involved when you dismiss your bankruptcy?

A debtor can dismiss a Chapter 13 bankruptcy at any time without a fee, except perhaps for any remaining attorney's fees that have not been paid under the Chapter 13 plan. A debtor cannot voluntarily dismiss a Chapter 7 without filing a motion wiht the court. Even then, the debtor must be able to demonstrate that no prejudice to creditor if the Chapter 7 is dismissed. The debtor can convert the 7 to 13 (which does involve a fee) and then dismiss the Chapter 13.

Motion to dismiss has been withdrawn in chapter 13 is this good or bad?

It's good if you can and want to continue with the Chapter 13. There are situations in which it is better to get the 13 dismissed and start over, then it would be bad.

Withdrawal of a motion to dismiss?

After a plea has been made you need to make a request to the court to have it removed. However, the court can only withdraw motions to dismiss if the matter has not already been ruled on by the judge.

Are recent debts accrued after filing a no asset bankruptcy case discharged along with listed debts?

If you are referring to a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you are stuck with debts incurred after filing the bankruptcy unless your case is dismissed without a discharge and later refiled. In a Chapter 13 case, sometimes post petition debts can be paid through plan or the debts can be covered if you voluntarily dismiss the case and refile or convert it to a Chapter 7. In the case of a conversion to a Chapter 7, it would cover all debts up to the date of the conversion. The reform laws that went into effect in October 2005 contain much stricter rules on cases where a bankruptcy has been dismissed and refiled to prevent "serial" filers. Before making a decison, you must consult a local bankruptcy attorney to decide if dismiss your case and refiling is a valid option for your circumstance. Finally, Chapter 7 cases are very difficult to dismiss voluntarily.

In the state of Colorado how do you garnish wages after a judgment has be made?

in the state of colorado how do you garnish wages after a judgement has been made

What are the Forms of wages?

Wages have been classified into three different categories. The categories are living wages, minimum wages, and fair wages. Living wages are often defined as the wages needed in order to provide the necessities in order to live; such as food, clothing, and housing. Minimum wage is determined by the government, and are the lowest wages one can legally earn. Fair wage is the mean between the living wage and the minimum wage.

What is the adjusting entry for wages posted twice?

Outstanding wages are those wages that have been earned in one acctg period but will not be paid until the next. This happens when a payroll period crosses months. Under the accrual basis of... entry is wages expenses are credit and outstanding wages are credit.

Are wages payable listed on an income statement?

No, but Wages Expense would be listed on the income statement.Wages Payable would be a liability account, and would be shown on the Balance Sheet under current liabilities. This account would state how much the company still owes its employees for services rendered.Wages Expense, on the other hand, would be the expense recognized in the year (shown on the income statement) for the services of the company's employees, whether the amounts have been paid out or not.

In Utah can your wages be garnished for a car that was repossessed?

You do not owe money for a car if it has been repossessed, so your wages can't be garnished for that reason.

Can wages be garnished for unpaid car loan in Texas?

Only if you've been taken to court and the garnishment of wages was ordered by a judge.

What is journal entry of outstanding wages?

Outstanding wages are those wages that have been earned in one acctg period but will not be paid until the next. This happens when a payroll period crosses months. Under the accrual basis of accounting, such wages must be accrued in the period earned regardless that they are paid in a subsequent period.

After Chapter 7 bankruptcy has been Discharge can buy a home?

After Chapter 7 bankruptcy has been Discharge can buy a home

Are lost wages taxed in settlement in NJ?

If identified as wages, taxed both Federal & State. The wages would have been taxed if paid without settlement wouldn't they? (The "lost" part isn't taxed).

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well after wages having be taking from and i still dont no money for bills

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Can your wages be garnished by student loans and creditors?

In the event they secure a judgment against you then yes. The only way to garnish wages, aside from the federal government attaching your wages or freezing your accounts, is to have an order of garnishee. Without it, no employer will release wages for garnishment. Any who do are perhaps criminally liable. If your wages have been garnished, ask for a copy of the order.

Can you file a chapter 7 bankruptcy while in the middle of a chapter 13 bankruptcy?

Technically yes and no. You could 'convert' your case to a chapter 7, but that would mean you have to meet the conditions for a chapter 7 case. Which involves wages being a certain amount; and the like. No. You can only have one bankruptcy open at a time. If your financial situation worsens, or you have a short-term drop in tour income, you can suspend or withdraw your chapter 13, or convert to a chapter 7. If the secured debt arrears have been paid, usually in the first year of a plan, you may be able to terminate the chapter 13 and get a discharge. This is a very complicated area of bankruptcy, so consult an experienced local bankruptcy lawyer.

Can you be sued by a person you issued a check to after your account has been duly debit therewith?

Unfortunately, you can be sued by any one for any cause. However, judges tend to make rulings based on merit, so if you can show that the individual was paid what he was owed by you, they will dismiss the case. Bear in mind you can countersue (for lost time, wages, expenses, etc.)

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In South Carolina when can a chapter 7 bankruptcy be filed after a chapter 13 has been dismissed?

Two years after the date of the chapter 13 dismissal.

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