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paint thinner or nail polish will do it


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Acetone is a solvent for superglue. Many households have acetone in the form of nail polish remover, use in a well ventilated area.

Moisture causes superglue to dry.

Dr. Harry Coover invented superglue in 1942.

Yes. Especially if you choose a metal specific superglue.

As the stuff called superglue is only made by properly registered chemical companies most people who want superglue go to the shops and buy it

I would not use superglue in an Aquarium. I think there may be something on the superglue containers/tube stating that it is not for use in water.

It can be used in an emergency. Surgical glue is a type of superglue.

Superglue is a specific chemical, cyanoacryllate. It is the same in all brands of superglue, and therefore does not react when you mix different brands.

Yes it is, I believe the vapour of superglue will stick to the ridges.

that's a way to remove blisters, once you get superglue on it, and peel it off, your blister is gone

It is two words: super glue In Welsh it is called: super gluida

The Superglue, manufacturers. website recommends Acetone. This is the primary ingredient in nail polish remover. Works well with Q-tip. #Tip; make sure it says remover on the bottle.

Acetone will dissolve Super Glue. You will find acetone in nail polish remover. Read the ingredients, some nail polish removers are acetone free. '''OFF insect repellent will also dissolve Super Glue. Dissolving Super Glue is one thing but getting it out of the lock could be a challenge. '''

Answer Try using nailpolish remover.

Your typical cyanoacrylaye or SuperGlue.

superglue a quarter to the floor

It's not safe to use superglue in your own mouth because you may stick your fingers to your mouth. Call a dentist ASAP.

You don't. The application of superglue to hair was a very common style choice for the Punk revolution in the Eighties. Typically, those who chose to spike their hair with superglue left it in until it was long enough to cut out. This is perhaps what led to the rise of the crew cut among those who followed Punk styles.

you can't even if you superglue it somewhere

use Google to find the address of the people who anufacture it, write to them and they'll probably send you the information you need. or just Google superglue and see what you can find.

See the Related Link below: quality glue... I make guns out of that.But removing superglue from skin is easy. Listen, my way sounds weird but it works well. Put more superglue on the superglued area, and when its not dried yet, quickly put paper towel or tissue on and let it dry, then peel off the paper towel or tissue and the superglue will come off. That's the only way because with tissue, you can grab it easier.

removing superglue can be tough. first up, make sure the shower surface is gelcoat. if it is then it's safe to use acetone to clean the superglue from the surface. test it with a rag damped with acetone in an inconspicuous area to be sure before you attack the superglue area.

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