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The other user has the option to use mic only, instant messaging, or both to reply to your voice.

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Skype does not require you to have a webcam, or even a microphone. If you wish to make video calls, you do need a webcam, and to make calls you need a microphone, but you can just use the chat option if you want.

a webcam and a microphone

You can use skype instant messaging without a microphone and you can still call your contacts but they will not be able to hear you. As long as you have working speakers you will be able to hear them and can type messages just like in msn or yim etc.

Computer with an Internet ConnectionWebcamMicrophoneSkype Credit (Optional)

You can use the PSP microphone to make phone calls using Skype.

Any microphone that works with your computer will work with skype. Logitech makes a lot of great microphones. You can find them at Best Buy or Walmart.

Surely. There is a good one on Amazon:

The microphone on the Ipad automatically turns on when you run a program that requires the use of a microphone. If you run skype, and you go into a voice call, the microphone will automatically turn on.

Internet, Microphone, and some speakers.

Download the Skype app from the App Store, call someone, and speak into the iPad's built in microphone.

there is no microphone in he toshiba laptop 15 inch i tried on skype didnt work soo yeah

To get Skype on your PC/laptop all you need is a device with a web-cam and microphone (most new laptops have a web-cam + microphone built in) You will have to download Skype off the Internet for free for the basic package or you can pay if you need extras, but if you just want to chat live with mated the free one will be fine. When you download Skype it will probably ask you for a name, it is best to use your twitter name so that you can tweet the link to chat live.

Yes you can purchase Skype microphones from Amazon. They sell all types of microphones, from official Skype branded ones to third party ones. You can also buy from the Skype shop.

skype is an internet based phone system. you can get a microphone for your psp, then get skype on it, then you go to a wifi zone, and you can make calls, although, it does cost a small amount to buy minutes

The first recommendation of the company, and the most logical, is to check the connection between the microphone and the computer. The second is to check the computer's volume. The remaining recommendations are more technical, and can be found on the official Skype website.

I do not know what microphone you are talking about. Most microphones are strong enough to pick up more than one voices. Chances are that you and your kids will be able to use Skype.

Be smarter than the microphone. You click on the microphone button at the top left corner and it should be on. But it depends if you are using a laptop or desktop computer. If you are using a desktop computer there is no microphone. But if using a laptop, click on the microphone button on the top left corner. Then the microphone should turn on.

Laptop Connect to the InternetWebcamMicrophoneThen your all set!

Skype headsets are hands-free devices that allow you to hear and talk into a microphone while using the Skype program. They are used to make the Skype users experience easier while doing other things and using the Skype program.

Nope.That is if u mean talk in terraria with your voice(using terraria)no.You can use other free programs like skype-you can talk with your mic there and write for free.So just talk in skype and play terraria.

Yes. You can call people using the built-in microphone and Skype, which is pre-installed on it. Go on to find out more about it. Yes. You can call people using the built-in microphone and Skype, which is pre-installed on it. Go on to find out more about it.

•A microphone is just the inverse of a loudspeaker •