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Yes, you can submit to the lender a document called a deed of foreclosure.


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Spouse is voluntary giving up two vehicles His spouse has filed for divorce Neither vehicle is in the wife's name What can happen?

Depend on whether the state is a community property state.

What happens if you voluntary repo a vehicle?

Voluntary repossession" is a term used to describe a situation in which a consumer voluntarily surrenders the property securing a loan, such as an automobile, to the lender that financed the purchase. Voluntary repossessions generally occur when a consumer has fallen behind on his or her loan payments, and decides to surrender the property rather than forcing the creditor to proceed with repossession. Voluntary repossessions occur most frequently with vehicles, but can occur with any type of secured loan, such as the purchase of work equipment, jewelry, etc.

How many cars or vehicles can you have on your property?

You can have as many vehicles on your property as you please, as long as they're YOURS and aren't infringing on ANYONE ELSE's property.

If your chapter 13 bankruptcy is dismissed can creditors pick up vehicles right away without notice?

Yes. Vehicles are secured loans and subject to conditions of the loan agreement. The consumer is usually notified before repossession, unless they have made an attempt to avoid it or conceal the vehicle(s). Voluntary relinquishment of the property is the best option.

Can the repossession or foreclosure company take your personal property?

Repossession companies are required by federal law, and the laws of most states to inventory and store personal property found in repossessed vehicles. As is permissible under most state's laws, the agency may charge a storage fee for this, and can require the payment of the fee before releasing it to the owner.In the cases where the storage fee is unpaid, or the owner does not come to claim his property, the property is considered unclaimed, typically after thirty (30) days, and the agency may dispose of it as they see fit.In the event a weapon or illegal substances is found among the property seized with the vehicle, typically the repossession agency will contact local law enforcement for confiscation. Recovery of such property becomes a mater for another category at this point.Foreclosure is a different matter. In the event of foreclosure, the occupant of the home will be served an order to vacate. This can give you one week to thirty days to vacate the premises with all of your property. Anything that remains after the date on the order is the property of the home owner (the lender). The lender at this point may dispose of the property any way they see fit, typically it goes into a large dumpster.

Why is it that the people who own vehicles are the logical candidate for insurance?

The have the property to protect.

What is defined as the possibilty of personal injuries or damage to vehicles and poperty?

Risk defines the possibility of personal injury, or damage to vehicles or property.

What is the word used for property recovered by the insurance company?

please explain your question better. Do you mean property such as stolen vehicles?

Did Mandela use sabotage?

Yes, he attacked many government vehicles and property

Can you get a traffic ticket on private property in pa?

If you are in Philadelphia PA Department of License and Inspections can give you a ticket on your vehicle on private property if it is not legal or there are to many vehicles on your property.

What do you need to claim property with no will and no vin or title?

Inquire at your local Department of Motor Vehicles.Inquire at your local Department of Motor Vehicles.Inquire at your local Department of Motor Vehicles.Inquire at your local Department of Motor Vehicles.

Who's at fault when a car is pulling out of a driveway and you hit them?

any vehicle leaving private property and entering a public road ,is at fault. all vehicles leaving private property MUST yield to vehicles on a public road

What property of gas is utilized when natural gas is supplied for vehicles?

The compressibility of gases is utilized.

Is it against the law to park unregistered vehicles on private property in Washington State?


Does homeowners insurance cover a vehicle if it got hailed on while on the property?

No. Homeowners Insurance does not cover Hail damage to an Automobile.Hail damage to an automobile is covered by the vehicles Auto insurance policy. Vehicles are not scheduled property on a homeowners policy.

Will homeowners insurance cover the damages to a unisured vehicle on the property?

No, the only vehicles they would cover are vehicles use to service a home and designed to assist the disables.

Can prisoners own property?

What kind of property are you referring to? They retain ownership of real estate - vehicles - and any personal property they owned prior to incarceration. They are, however, SEVERELY limited in what, and how much, property they can possess in jail or prison.

Can liquid assets vehicles and property deeds be transferred to family members before a foreclosure?

Sure, you can give away anything that you want. But recognize that if it's too blatant and within 2 years of death, the IRS may consider it to be a method of avoiding medical expenses and inheritence taxes and go after much of the property that was transferred. Instead of "Giving" a car away, write a contract that sells the vehicle "for $1.00 and other considerations". Such a sales contract is valid and there is no way to trace back what the "other considerations" were. * Foreclosure is against property that is been used to secure a loan, either mortgage, home equity, etc. There are not laws or taxation penalties that relate to the transferring of property from one relative to another, only tax penalties if the property is sold for less than the fair market value or if applicable appreciation of the value of property. Any property transferred or otherwise desposed of with the intention of protecting it from creditors can be viewed as a "fraudulent conveyance" depending upon the specific circumstances.

Will homeowners insurance cover the damages to a uninsured vehicle on the property?

No, homeowners insurance excludes vehicles.

Is a deed used in both real property and personal property?

Deeds are the legal instruments used to transfer ownership of real property. Ownership of some personal property is done via certificates such as Certificates of Title for transferring title to motor vehicles.

A car was abandoned on rental property when renter died and the property owner gave the car to me. How do I get a certificate of title?

You must ask at your local Department of Motor vehicles.

How do you use the word expressly in a sentence?

The tenant lease expressly forbids leaving unregistered or inoperable vehicles on the property.

Can you charge a company for storage of equipment left on property?

You can, but there are complicated rules. For example, in California you can charge a storage fee for vehicles left on your property but only after send the owner a registered letter explaining that the vehicle is on your property and that it is acruing storage charges.

Can you file bankruptcy on everything but your vehicles?

You can file bankruptcy yourself or with an attorney. People choose an attorney because they do not want to mess with all the motions or learning any law and this can cost anywhere from 300 to 500 dollars to start a bankruptcy action. You can keep one vehicle and your house in a bankruptcy. Technically, when you file bankruptcy you file it for everything in a Chapter 7 and that will wipe away all debts (if you pass the test that they give to even claim bankruptcy) or Chapter 13 which is a consolidation of your debts to pay it off after partial liquidation of assets but be protected under federal bankruptcy law. It is best for your loan companies for your house and vehicles know about your bankruptcy as this will stay any repossession or foreclosure on your household or vehicles. That means they can not repossess or foreclose on your property until the bankruptcy procedure begins and you remain current on your payments throughout your bankruptcy. This can help you catch up and keep your house and one vehicle. You can technically claim bankruptcy and not tell your lenders for your house or vehicles but they will not "stay" or stop repossession or foreclosure on your property until you notify them (calling one of their call centers) and giving them your bankruptcy info including your case number. Hope this has been helpful.

Are you allowed airsofts in English countryside?

Rules ussually are that it must be private property, and must not have a chance of hitting vehicles or passerbys.