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Can you do artistic and rhythmic gymnastics?

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Yes, you can.

BUT if you want to get serious with either sport it's a good idea to just choose one because of amount of training. Also, in artistic gymnastics, it's not good to be too flexible or tall (as there is a limited space between uneven bars).

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What is aesthetic gymnastics?

There is no such thing all the different types of gymnastics are tnt gymnastics, guys artistic gymnastics, girls artistic gymnastics and rhythmic gymnastics

Examples of gymnastics?

Gymnastics Artistic Gymnastics Rhythmic Gymnastics Floor Gymnastics Theme Gymnastic .........................................................................

How many olympic gymnastic sports are there?

Four: men's artistic gymnastics, women's artistic gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics and trampoline gymnastics.

What is the gymnastics styles?

There is: Artistic Gymnastics Rhythmic Gymnastics Trampoline & Tumbling (T&T)

Do you like rhythmic gymnastics or artistic gymnastics?

I definitly like rhythmic gymnastics better. the girls are more graceful, flexible, and overall talented.

Are there different kinds of gymnastics?

Artistic, Rhythmic and Acrobatic

What are the different types of gymnastic?

Artistic, Rhythmic, and Acrobatic gymnastics.

Is rhythmic gymnastics or gymnastics better for the 2010 Olympics for Singapore?

The Olympics in 2010 will be in Vancouver and it will be Winter Olympics. It is not yet determined where the next Olympics will be further than 2012, which will be held in London. Rhythmic gymnastics, is a form of gymnastics, just like artistic gymnastics is. With rhythmic you are performing with ribbon, balls, pins, and hoops. It is more about grace than with artistic gymnastics.

What is the criteria for judging in rhythmic gymnastics?

the judging for rhythmic gymnastics is similar to the judging for artistic gymnastics. Girls perform a routine, and are given points for difficulties completed, expression, and use of equipment.

What sport does a gymnast do at the Olympics?

Gymnastics, which is broken down in to Artistic, Rhythmic, and Trampoline.

What is the different kinds of gymnastic with picture?

There are four different types of gymnastics that are used in international competition. These are Men's artistic, Women's artistic, Rhythmic gymnastics and Trampoline.

What are the kinds of gymnastic?

Artistic and rhythmic gymnastics are the most well known. Artistic gymnastics is what it's shown on television and is most popular. Both men and women do artistic gymnastics. Rhythmic gymnastics is done by women and have events such as the ribbon and clubs. There's also sports acrobatics which involves tumbling and doing stunts with other gymnastics. Trampoline and tumbling are two other, less popular forms of gymnastics.

What are the different programs of gymnastics?

there are many different types of gymnastic programs # Womens artistic gymnastics # Mens artistic gymnastics # Rhythmic gymnastics # sports acrobatics # sport aerobics # trampoline sports # generl gymnastics and sometimes cheerleading is considered a gymnastics sport

What are the three gymnastics called?

There are only two different types of gymnastics, and those are called rhymic and artistic. I prefer rhythmic.

Is gymnastics a good thing to do if you have athritis?

it depends on what type of gymnastics heavy duty gymnastics like tumbling is not good for your joints but rhythmic or artistic maybe

Why do people call gymnastics rhythmic gymnastics?

There are two main kinds of gymnastics. One is artistic gymnastics, which is far better known than rhythmic, and is the type of gymnastics that athletes such as Nadia Comaneci, Mary Lou Retton, and Nastia Liukin have participated in. The second is rhythmic gymnastics, and: They call it rhythmic gymnastics because the routines are done to a rhythm of classical, jazz, blues, or rock music. There is also trampoline, but it is even less well known than rhythmic...

What is the difference between gymnastic-rhythmic and gymnastic-artistic?

rhythmic gymnastics is where you use ribbons and hoops and balls. Artistic gymnastics is when you have, for girls, Vault, Bars, Beam, and Floor. For boys, Vault, High Bar, Pommel Horse, Rings, Floor, and Parallel Bars. - Hope I helped!

How do you do a level 2 floor routine in gymnastics?

There are four sports in gymnastics that have a floor routine. Which are you refering too?* USA Gymnastic Sports w/FX routineArtistic Gymnastics Men'sArtistic Gymnastics Woman'sRhythmic GymnasticsAcrobatic Gymnasticsin USA gymnastics there is alsoPower Tumble and Trampoline GymnasticsGroup Gymnastics

Who is competing in the 2012 gymnastics Olympics?

Total of 58 NOCs or countries. There are 98 men in Artistic and 98 women in artistic 24 individuals in rhythmic 72 groups in rhythmic 16 men in trampoline 16 women in trampoline 324 total athletes in the Gymnastics events

Women only events?

The women only events in artistic gymnastics are balance beam and uneven bars. Women only perform rhythmic gymnastics.

How many medals up for grabs for gymnastics in london olympic 2012?

Gymnastics has 3 disciplines with 18 events and 54 Medals. They are Artistic gymnastics (14) , Rhythmic gymnastics (2), & Trampoline (2)

What are the differences between acrobatic and rhythmic gymnastics?

In rhythmic gymnastics you use an object (like a ball or a ribbon) and only compete on floor. In artistic (or as you said, acrobatic) gymnastics, girls compete on beam, bars, floor and vault, they do not use any other object

Is Rhythmic gymnastics an Olympic sport?

Rhythmic gymnastics is an Olympic sport.

Different kinds of gymnastics?

There are two kinds of gymnastics rhythmic gymnastics, and gymnastics. Rhythmic gymnastics is more dance then tumbling, where gymnastics is the exact opposite.

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