SYBA Exams

Can you do syba after failing in fybms?

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Correspondence SYBA exams for Mumbai are expected to start from 4th May 2009.

syba examination starts from 4th may. the timetable will be displayed on the university website one month before the exam.

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Atychiphobia is the fear of failing.

"Failing" can be an adjective or a noun, depending on context. For instance, the deposit insurance made up for the failing bank. Her impatience was her biggest failing.

YBA or if you mean the Scottish Young Bowlers Association it's SYBA

the exam is beginning from 26 april 2012

Yes. Failing is the present participle of fail.It is used with a be verb to make continuous tenses eg:past continuous -- He was failing to to do his job properly.present continuous -- They are failing to keep up a good standard.Failing can also be an adjective: -- She received failinggrades.Failing can also be a noun: -- They were quick to point out the plans failings.

50% is probably failing.

If failing is your fear the name for the failing phobia (phobia mean fear) is atychiphobia.

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