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lots of people do. if the school tries to talk you out of it, are paying them.

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Q: Can you double major in two totally different fields?
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Does Wayne State University allow you to double major in two different fields?

Yes! I am in the process of earning two majors; Management and Psychology, and am thinking about going for my third major; Italian.

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You can go for a double major if that's what you mean but it's hard if they aren't in related fields.

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While just about anything in the business or marketing fields will do a double major or minor in psychology would put you ahead of the pack

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fart fields

What are the 3 major fields of biology?


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There is no set amount of double headers. It all depends on conditions of fields, and weather. If a game is rain delayed or cancelled, they league will set up a double header for the next time the teams meet.

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