Can you download Hemp Tycoon?

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Although you can technically download the game from the Adult Swim website, it will not function correctly if run from a page other than Adult Swim's own.
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What is hemp?

Answer . Hemp is a strain of the Cannabis sativa plant. There are over 400 strains of the plant. Hemp, or actually Industrial Hemp contains to little THC to get high. Hemp contains around .03% while Marijuana contains 5-25%. You can't get high with less than 3%.. Industrial Hemp is one of the mo ( Full Answer )

Can you download snakes for zoo tycoon 2?

you can come here and download the two snake packs i made for zt2 a total of 16 snakes p.s. you must register

Where can you download roller coaster tycoon?

You can download it here: for a 40 minute free trial and then you can purchase it for $20.

How do you get zoo tycoon 2 downloads?

I would suggest you buy the disks, as a lot of people are getting fined and into trouble over downloading it. So i suggest you buy it :)

How do you download zoo tycoon 2 animals?

First you save it to your desktop (keep the program running), then you click the start button, then at the side of the options on the start button and click "computer" or "my computer". Then once at that click the hard drive that has (C . Once at that you click "program files". Once at that cl ( Full Answer )

Where can you download fish tycoon with no time limit?

well...u cant download the game witout time limits for free.....though im feelin generous so ill tell u how 2 get the game for free(full version) DOWNLOAD IT FROM WWW.GAMEHOUSE.COM AND INSTALL... UNLOCK THE GAME BY TYPIN IN.... NAME:MAX SAI CODE:RLPFG-7LTGS-MDJDB HOPE THIS HELPS!. email ( Full Answer )

Are there Dragon downloads for zoo tycoon 1?

Yes, there are! Please visit Zoo Tek Phoenix! ( ) In order to download things, you must register for an account with them, but it doesn't take too long! Hope this helped!

Zoo tycoon 2 downloads?

you can get downloads by going on zoo tycoon abc, zoo tycoon unleashed, zoo admin but they are down,zoo tycoon volcano,zoo,and dannybob's fourm. i hope this helps

Are there dragon downloads for zoo tycoon 2?

Yes, you can, the download is called Dragon Dreams. I can't seem to find the exact website but just search it and hopefully you'll find the download.

Were can you download horses for zoo tycoon 2?

i dont think you can get horses but you can get unicorns! Acually,you can get some mini horses off of here:;sa=view;down=21 ....But u need this thing....... __________________ You can find horses here: http:/siteszperiodzgooglezperi ( Full Answer )

Downloads for zoo tycoon 2?

Try going to Zoo tycoon ABC. The site is in German or dutch but it is easy to figure out what they are saying and there are plenty downloads for ZT1 and ZT2

Where can you download railroad tycoon 3?

The original Railroad Tycoon is available as a free download. Only a demo version of later versions is available to download. You will need to purchase the game to obtain a legitimate copy. (See links below)

How do you get downloads to zoo tycoon 2?

Find the animal you want on the internet and highlight and copy this on a new tab/window:

How can you download the megalodon to zoo tycoon 2?

To get the Megalodon, First, you have to get the Deadly Sea Pack. Then, go to the animal list, and that is were you'll find the MEGALODON! Any Questions ask me at: PEACE, Camslayer28

When you download a zoo tycoon 2 animal how do you get it onto zoo tycoon?

copy and paste the pictures that look like the zoo tycoon 2 icon.. EDIT: That would only get you their "skins," you must legally download the extension or package that comes with the animals you want (I'm not familiar) and either let it automatically install within your Zoo tycoon system, or manual ( Full Answer )

Can you download sea monsters of zoo tycoon?

In the first Zoo Tycoon, for the PC. If you have the expansion pack: 'Marine Mania and Dinosaur Digs', you can get a Loch Ness Monster for your zoo. You can also get a Yeti and Bigfoot. AND! If you name an exhibit 'Xanadu', you can get a unicorn.

How do you get downloads for zoo tycoon 2?

Well depends what type of download. If you mean an expansion, I would try amazon or best buy, there you can get Microsoft made downloads, but if you mean user made downloads, there are lots of answers. I would try ABC if your just looking for lots of new animals. A great site I use is Aurora Designs ( Full Answer )

Where can you get the best Zoo Tycoon 2 downloads?

If you want game extras you need Zoo tycoon 2 then on the main menu if you look around you will find an icon t that says downloads........Then click on it (duh). Then check what you want. If you want Zoo Tycoon 2 demos go to

How do you put downloads on zoo tycoon 2?

1. Click download 2. When the progress is over, click on the tab that says " Open Folder " 3. if it is a zipped file, double click until the zoo tycoon 2 icon shows up 4. right click and then click copy, then paste it to your zoo tycoon folder( the one that is on your monitor 5. then enjoy the down ( Full Answer )

How can you download zoo tycoon 2?

No, you have to buy it, unfortunately, but if you dl it, that's wrong and illegal. Wal-Mart or Amazon have it.

Dragon downloads for zoo tycoon 2?

Zoo Tycoon 2 is a game that has extra downloads for dragons andfairies. The dragons are in the Dragon Dreams Pack.

How do you download zoo tycoon for free?

As yet there is not a free download for the full version of zoo tycoon 2 You can get the full version by downloading the torrent

Where to get zoo tycoon 2 downloads?

Try these: Zoo Tycoon Volcano, Zoo Tek Pheonix, Zoo Tycoon Abc, and Zoo Tycoon Unleased. Good Luck and have fun using the downloads!

How do you activate downloads on zoo tycoon?

you go to downloads on a website, choose what you want, then click save, then click on open, then click "extract all files" at the top of the menu that opened. If there is 2 or more files click, and hold and as you hold move the mouse over all the files. they should all be highlighted, in the highli ( Full Answer )

How do you get downloads on to zoo tycoon 2?

You'll need winrar first.. Go to your computer/c/program files/microsoft games zoo tycoon 2.. Download the animal you want.. Right click in winrar,select all. Now,Let click and drag into the ZT2 folder,merge folders together,and viola.

Which downloads crash zoo tycoon?

I know of two downloads, a vomiting wildebeest and a gold elephant, that have caused problems, but there may be more.

Can you download pythons for zoo tycoon 2?

ZooTek Phoenix has a lot of great user made downloads for Zoo Tycoon 1 and 2. It is where I get most of my stuff. If they do not have it, they have a requests forum, and someone will usually make it for you. I believe you have to register with them to download. See the related link below.

How do you download zoo tycoon dinosaurs?

You can only get dinosaurs in zoo tycoon if you have the complete collection or dinosaur dig (basically you need dinosaur dig to do it but some pack versions have that on it) otherwise you can't download dinosaurs

Where to download horses for zoo tycoon 2?

here you can have it at you click download and it will take you to mediafile.All you have to do is click on the (click here to start download.....)it will come so press save then save the file in local disk then program files then find Micr ( Full Answer )

Where can you download free moon tycoon?

You can not legally download the game Moon Tycoon for free. The demo is available for free from Big Fish Games and the full version of the game can be purchased from Big Fish as well. See related links for the games page.

How do you get zoo tycoon 2 downloads into the game?

Well it should say download near the thing you want to download. So you click that and then it will ether come up with a folder or a zoo tycoon icon file thing. If its a folder then click open, if its an icon click save. Then if its a folder it will come up with a file, open that one and then when y ( Full Answer )

Where can you get dinosaur downloads for zoo tycoon 2?

Well theres an expansion pack called Zoo Tycoon 2 Extinct Animals (requires Zoo Tycoon 2 to play.) Or you can go to Zoo Tycoon Volcano (google or yahoo search) and I'm pretty sure they'll have dinosaur downloads.

Where can you download a griffin for zoo tycoon 2?

The only thing I know is a "griffanther". A cross between a griffin and a panther. Availvable on ztvolcano. PS, it's basically a panther with wings on the skin so it cant flap them.

How do you download zoo tycoon on an imac?

I'm afraid there are no Mac downloads for the moment, there is only the buyable game for Mac. Have a look at Amazon, thats where i got mine. :)

How can you download animals on zoo tycoon 2?

first type zoo tycoon caldera unlimited or zoo tycoon ABC or zoo tycoon user made creations [warning you must be a member to download animals] next press downloads then animals then choose your and then press save and install it hope this helped!

Where can one download 'Railroad Tycoon' online?

One can download the full version of Railroad Tycoon for free. This full version can be download on various websites like Softonic. One could also go to a different company that offers the same downloadable information.