Can you download Sony Bleem PS1 software to run your PS1 based games?

I've seen auctions on eBay for the Bleem software. You might check eBay periodically and search for 'Bleem.'

The ones I've seen were not downloads but the actual disk in a jewel case. Very inexpensive - last one I saw went for less than $2.00.

Just watch out for high S&H costs if you decide to bid. They can get rather exorbitant, considering the low cost of the software.

Bleem was a bit buggy and was rather low on compatibility. This was due to it's premature death. The emulator you should be using now is ePSXe. It is a free program which you can download. The only catch is you need a PlayStation bios also. You can also download this from various places on the internet however legally, you should have a PlayStation in order to have the bios.

ePSXe is fairly smooth and compatibility is about 98% from my experience. It has support for analog controllers and improves the graphics.

After ePSXe, the next best emulator in my opinion is virtual game station. You do not need a bios for this one. it is smoother and more compatible than Bleem however it does not improve the graphics from the original PlayStation version. However, it's fmv playback is the smoothest of the three. VGS was also put out of business by Sony and may be a little hard to find. It also needs a patch (you can find on the internet) to play on Windows XP.