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No, in order to dowload the music from Limewire, you have to download it.

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โˆ™ 2009-02-15 01:28:46
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Q: Can you download music off of LimeWire without downloading LimeWire?
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Is LimeWire illegal to download music off?

Limewire itself is legal, but downloading music off it for free is not.

Where can you get Jeff Hardy's Entrance Music without downloading or signing up?

you will have to download it from somewhere but you can download it from limewire easily and it wont cost anything.

What download sites are legal?

limewire is illegal when downloading music

What is the safest music downloading site to go on?

I would use frostwire or limewire, I mainly use limewire to download music.

What is the point of LimeWire if you can't download music legally?

Limewire IS legal. Just don't download copyrighted material. * Limewire can be used for sharing and downloading many types of files other than music.

Is it illegal to download music videos from LimeWire?

It is the same as downloading songs off limewire so yes it is illegal.

Is there a way to download music onto your computer without downloading a program such as LimeWire?

Yes. many online stores, such as Amazon or Wal-Mart will let you download music you have purchased through a direct download from your web browser.

LimeWire connection doesnt download music fast?

limewire free download has a lot of virus.. it could destroy your computer if you keep downloading music, video, pictures..

What is the best websites to download music videos for free?

Just search "Limewire" on google or yahoo and it will bring you something that talk about downloading is for free. Once you download Limewire you can get whatever music for free.

What is LimeWire suing for?

limewire is suing people for downloading the music. when you download off limewire you are basiclly stealing peoples music. artists put out albums to get money and you are stealing it for free. complety illegal

When you try to download music why doesn't it download?

cause u have to use itunes or limewire. but downloading songs that is not payed for is

What is the free music downloading website that doesn't give you any virus?

Limewire, but be careful of what you do download because of course limewire is illegal :)

Where can you download Eddie Guerrero's theme music?

Try downloading it from Kazaa, FrostWire, LimeWire etc.

How do you download songs to an ipod nano from limwire?

Downloading music from limewire (that you don't already have) is illegal

Is downloading music from LimeWire legal?

Music is copyrighted so yes.If you have the CD i think you can download it and claim it is an extra copy.

Is LimeWire a safe music download?

You would be much better off downloading Peerblock and Vuze and getting your music from

Are there any Free websites for downloading music without any trials?


Where can you download music without using limewire?

Commercial music can be purchased and downloaded from numerous sources such as iTunes and Amazon and most music retailers. Non commercial music can be downloaded from sites such as Jamendo. WikiAnswers does not provide advice about illegal activities such as downloading music without paying for it.

Where can you download nightcore music without using LimeWire?

Delet this

Is it illegal to download Zelda music?

it depends if you are downloading it from limewire or a free songs sites but if u can buy it then no it's not

Is there a website similar to LimeWire that has free music downloads?

After the recent limewire crash, people have been looking for a new place to download music. Many have turned to Shareaza, another free music downloading program.

How do you download music to a PC?

Limewire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (DOWNLOAD LIMEWIRE)

Where can you download the music they used for Ashley Massaro on the Taboo Tuesday and Royal Rumble DVDs?

Try downloading them from Kazaa or LimeWire.

Where can you download the music and songs which comes in PC games?

Sometimes on a regular downloading service like Limewire. It depends on the song.

Is it illegal to use LimeWire to download music to put on your mp3 player or ipod?

Yes downloading copyrighted music is generally considered illegial because it is being 'distributed' In Canada it's not illegal. Using softwares like Limewire to download songs is illegal no matter which country unless or otherwise the music not copyrighted. What music is NOT copyrighted????????