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You cannot draw unemployment if you are on sick leave. You are technically and legally still employed. You may be entitled to sick pay though.


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One can file for unemployment by going into their nearest employment center or by filing online. If this is your first time it would be easier to go into your nearest employment center but if you have done this already, then you may find it easier to just simply go to the online site.

Can I receive my unemployment if I was fired for going to jail it was out of my control

Yep. Nebraska is providing emergency unemployment for you. Filing paper can be made until the end of this year. You need to contact the Nebraska Claims Center to get your paperwork going. I wish you luck on getting back into the main stream.

Unemployment is the term used when people do not have a job. Unemployment has been going up in this country for a few years.

You can get information about unemployment from your job or the state you live in. When you are writing an essay about unemployment you can find accurate statistics on the subject by going to the library.

I'm going through this right now and my brother in law is a lawyer. In the state of Michigan they can only withhold your unemployment benefit checks if is for child support or spousal. It is unearned income!yes it can

Quitting your job of your own accord makes you inelgible for unemployment in most jurisdictions. However, you may be able to claim either alternate recompense (for medical purposes; you would need to see your doctor and get official statements of inability to work) or unemployment benefits through having quit as a result of what happened on the job.

Although unemployment laws vary from state to state, the purpose of unemployment compensation is to provide income to someone who has lost their job through no fault of their own. Thus, it is required that you have left the company involuntarily, and you are not eligible if you quit. Check with your state's unemployment commission to see what the requirements are to claim unemployment in your area. You are going to have to contact them to start benefits anyway - it never hurts to ask if your particular circumstance qualifies you for unemployment.

Who is going on a vacation if your look for a job instead

In general, to collect unemployment, you must be able to, and seeking, work.

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No because nobody is going to fire you because you have a cold. You have to be totally out of work to collect unemployment and not just out sick.

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When you file a claim for unemployment benefits the state investigates the application, going to the ex-employer for their version of the situation.

Yes, the population of an area does play a role in the unemployment rate. If the population rate of an area is higher than the number of jobs that are available, the unemployment rate is going to be hire.

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