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You cannot draw unemployment if you are on sick leave. You are technically and legally still employed. You may be entitled to sick pay though.

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Q: Can you draw unemployment if your on sick leave for going through inpatience center?
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How can one file for unemployment?

One can file for unemployment by going into their nearest employment center or by filing online. If this is your first time it would be easier to go into your nearest employment center but if you have done this already, then you may find it easier to just simply go to the online site.

If a worker is fired for going to jail draw unemployment after getting out?

Can I receive my unemployment if I was fired for going to jail it was out of my control

Does Nebraska extend the emergency unemployment to people that have exhausted their extended unemployment?

Yep. Nebraska is providing emergency unemployment for you. Filing paper can be made until the end of this year. You need to contact the Nebraska Claims Center to get your paperwork going. I wish you luck on getting back into the main stream.

How will you explain the term unemployment?

Unemployment is the term used when people do not have a job. Unemployment has been going up in this country for a few years.

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I'm going through this right now and my brother in law is a lawyer. In the state of Michigan they can only withhold your unemployment benefit checks if is for child support or spousal. It is unearned income!yes it can

Can you get unemployment if you quit your job after going through an armed robbery?

Quitting your job of your own accord makes you inelgible for unemployment in most jurisdictions. However, you may be able to claim either alternate recompense (for medical purposes; you would need to see your doctor and get official statements of inability to work) or unemployment benefits through having quit as a result of what happened on the job.

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