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You COULD write up such a document and have the signatures witnessed by a Notary Public at a bank or elsewhere, and receive a raised seal. HOWEVER, it would be LEGAL only in the sense that the signatories were properly witnessed. Assigning a guardian to a child, or adopting a child, would have to go through the legal system. They may or may not take the document into account, but it wouldn't be a bad idea to have one on hand to help show intent. Hope This Answers Your Question!!

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Q: Can you draw up an agreement to adopt and have it stamped at the bank to make it legal?
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If, as far as the bank was concerned, the co-owner is a legal signatory on the bank account he may do as he wishes. If he commits embezzlement or breaks the legal agreement of the partnership then they would be subject to legal sanctions based on those grounds.

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It is possible to work out a deal with the bank after it is repossessed. However, a new loan or legal agreement will have to be signed.

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Yes. When financial transactions are made with a bank where the borrower/debtor also holds an account, the bank will include a 'set off' clause in the lending/credit agreement. A set off clause gives the bank the legal right to withdraw without notice money from any account held by the debtor when said lending agreement is defaulted.

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You can't. No contract is legal and binding until the contract holder is of legal age to which is 18. No bank or corporation can legally enter into such an agreement with a minor. It would have to be very personal, such as a relative or friend of the family who understood that the loan would not be a binding legal agreement. Although this stipulation does not apply in every situation pertaining to financial transactions by an underaged person.

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What is the legal ground for the co-borrower to demand restitution payment from the borrower in case of failure of repayment of student bank loan by the borrower if the co-borrower has made all necess?

Unless there is a separate legal agreement or order between the 2 borrowers, there is absolutely no legal recourse whatsoever.

Is there a Bank of America in london?

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Can a Bank legally backdate a Cover Letter and Confirmed Loan Terms agreement to the day before a contract was signed?

You would need to speak with your attorney about that. There is the issue of whether it was legal, and also whether you can prove it.

Can you take over another persons mortgage?

It is possible in some cases but must be done with the bank's approval. The bank would require you to sign an assumption agreement.It is possible in some cases but must be done with the bank's approval. The bank would require you to sign an assumption agreement.It is possible in some cases but must be done with the bank's approval. The bank would require you to sign an assumption agreement.It is possible in some cases but must be done with the bank's approval. The bank would require you to sign an assumption agreement.

Is it legal to use husbands credit card he filed for divorce stay at home Mom for 9 years just went to work everything is in his name I have no money but need a lawyer?

The legality of using a credit card is based on state law and the credit card agreement between the issuing bank and the holder. Its not a yes or no answer. You would have to contact the bank on the back of the credit card and learn what the agreement was in your case.

I want to get an insurance claim that I got with an auto loan from a bank. How can I go about it?

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