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Yes you can! You would have to be very gentle with your hamster and make sure that the clothes fit! And the hamster will not enjoy that while you dress them and they may bite you!


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There is no way to dress your pet moshling in moshi monsters.

You can just go in the pet-shop and ask for hamster food or you can look it up.

Unfortunately, you can not dress up your pet. Over time, when your pet grows and becomes older, it randomly chooses to put on clothes. :)

You can buy a hamster from a pet store or from a breeder.

That your female hanster is a male hamster The pet store gave u 1 f***** up hamster

That is a good age for them to get a hamster for a pet.

well, to dress your pet you have to let your pet find the clothing. then click on your pet and dress it! i hoped i helped!

if your hamster likes it when you pet them they wont run from you as much as they usually do.

From a pet store usually $5.99 and up

look it up online or ask a pet store

a hamster should be terated as a pet because they are small cute and they are not wild animals

Pet smart or Pet co any kind of pet store may have an numerous amount of amazing hamster toys for ur pet :)

Hamster because mice stink and hamster like to play more than mice. If you want a playful pet choose hamster an if you want a pet that will just sit around in the cage then the mouse is for you!

if you are going to a hot country put it in any dress my hamster loves it cold Holiday put it in something warm and nice make a Little suitcase for it good luck

Ive been to walmart and in their Pet Section they have some

In order to apply for a hamster care, an individual must consult with a pet doctor. From there, the pet doctor has the form for an individual who has interests to take care of a hamster. Usually an individual can look up the pet's doctor location from the internet.

if you are looking for the best pet then a hamster is the perfect pet

The commonest pet hamster is the Syrian or Golden hamster, Mesocricetus auratus.

If you go to the pet store, you will find hamster food there.

A hamster is usually about $10.00 at Pet Co.

the best classroom pet is a hamster

At a pet or pet supplies store.

Depends how old you are, and how much effort your prepared to put in. A hamster needs more effort so it's up to you.

Give it food, pet it, just wait a while and he will warm up to you

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