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Medication and Alcohol Interactions

Can you drink Out-of-date alcohol?



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I've just done it and I feel like I'm going to die. DONT DO IT! The only reason the above poster feels they are going to die is not because the alcohol is bad, but they have a hangover or is not use to drinking! Beer that has been opened and sits for awhile will grow stale (just like pop), but it won't make you sick. There is something called, 'green beer' which means the beer has not been properly brewed and yes, that can make you sick, but not enough to die from. Wine will also go flat if opened and not re corked. It's still drinkable, but for anyone who likes wine they'd throw it out if it's been sitting uncorked for a long while. Other alcohol such as Rye, White/Dark Rum, Brandy, Gin, etc., does not have an expiration date and does not go bad. In fact, some forms of hard liquor sometimes grow stronger with age. Drinking too much will make you sick, especially drinking on an empty stomach. Some people are allergic to alcohol and either not feel well or get sick.