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Can you drink alcohol with a 250mg to 500mg daily dosage of Depakote?

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Is it safe to take 100mg seroquel and 250mg depakote er together?

I take 400mg Seroquel and 500mg of Depakote 2x a day, no problems.

If you need 500mg of medication and all you have is 250mg per 5ml how much do you need?


Can you give a 12 year old 500mg of Tylenol?

500mg is too much; give half of that or 250mg.

Can you take Naproxeno and Tramadol together?

Yes you a take both, but after a meal because they are rather acidic to the stomach, and when you take them it usually means a lower dosage of Naproxen an example would be a naproxen of 500mg to 250mg

What is more 250 mg or 500 mg?

500mg - it's twice the amount of 250mg !

How many milligrams of amoxoxycillin should you take for an abscessed tooth?

250mg or 500mg. Depending on how severe

Average dose of amoxicillin 500?

500mg Every 12 hours or 250mg every 8 Hours

How much Acetaminophen is in Excedrin?

This depends on what formulation of Excedrin you are taking.The following list contains the amount of acetaminophen (Tylenol, Paracetemol) per tablet (usually two tablets per dose, always read the label)Excedrin Extra Strength: 250mgExcedrin Extra Strength Express Gels: 250mgExcedrin Migraine: 250mgExcedrin Menstrual Complete: 250mgExcedrin Back & Body: 250mgExcedrin Tension Headache: 500mgExcedrin Sinus: 325mgExcedrin PM: 500mg

What is Excedrin made of?

Excedrin Extra Strength and Excedrin Migraine both contain (per tablet):250mg of Acetaminophen250mg of Aspirin65mg of CaffeineExcedrin Tension Headache:500mg of Acetaminophen65mg of CaffeineExcedrin Back and Body:250mg of Acetaminophen250mg of AspirinExcedrin PM:500mg of Acetaminophen38mg of diphenhydramine (active ingredient in Benadryl, same sleepy stuff in Tylenol PM)Excedrin Sinus:325mg of Acetaminophen5mg of phenylephrine (decongestant)

Are you taking right dosage klaricid 500mg every 12 hours?


Which medication will causes drowsiness. amoxicillin 250mg clarithromycin 500mg or omeprazole 20mg. what are these medication use for. what are different symptoms of stomach cancer and stomach ulcer?

clarithromycin 500mg

How many mg equals 10 ml Valproic Acid?

depends on the dosage per ml of valproic acid. one standard preparation comes in suspension form as 250mg/5ml. therefore, it can be easily deduced that 10ml would equal 500mg. 15ml would be 750mg and so on.

How is glutethimide taken?

The medication is taken orally and dosage is on an individual basis, however, the most common dosage is 500mg (mg = milligrams) at bedtime.

What are effects of taking Depakote Xanax Klonopin Lamicatal and Alcohol I'm on 500mg of Depakote alot more should have Xanax XR 1mg-Klonopin 100mg-Lamictal while drinking about 3-6 beers a night?

well, for starters I really don't think I would be taking xanax on top of klonopin along with lamictal..and the part I would worry about the most is the alcohol on top of everything. Depakote is a very strong medication in and of itself and should never be mixed with alcohol. That's what they make the disclaimer for that they put in with your medications. Any time you mix alcohol with medications like that then you are really asking for trouble.

What is the recommended dosage of zithromax 500mg?

The recommended dosage depends on the infection being treated. Contact your health care provider for advice specific to your situation.

Is Prozac 40 mg and Depakote er 500mg ok to take together?

I am not sure about Prozac but celexa works well with it.

How long do you take azithromycin for pneumonia?

It is essential that a full, proper course of antibiotics like azitromycin be taken to reduce the likelihood of relapse and resistance. The standard dosage of this drug is 500mg on the first day and 250mg for the next 4 days. Other dosages and time periods may be used for more severe cases.

Can you use alcohol when taking ampicillin tr 500mg?

there are no known interactions between alcoholand Ampicillin

Does Depakote cause sexual side effects?

I've taken 500MG for a month with no effects, and 1000MG for a second month again with no effects in this area.

Can you drink alcohol while taking Depakote?

Drinking should be discussed before hand with the prescribing doctor. Depakote does make some people drowsy, and can cause some liver problems relatively quickly. It's best to discuss this before with the doctor. You should not drink alcohol while taking Depakote, whether you have bipolar or not is not an issue. It's a matter of the medication, not the illness. Personal Experience: I take the 500mg depakote twice a day for epilepsy and know my limits. Depakote can easily make you drowsy and tired so whenever I decide to have alcohol I only have 1 or 2 light beers such as Bud Light, Coors Light, or Miller Light. Plus, I only drink once or twice a month. When I went to a dinner years ago a buddy decided to treat me to a beer. I decided to have a bottle of Heineken but pretty soon I started getting dizzy and tired.

Can you have alcohol while taking amoxicillin 500mg?

No, the alcohol would affect the amoxicillin, and stop it from working properly.

Can mixing 500mg of amoxicillin with alcohol harm you?

It can make it not work right

Can you drink alcohol while taking distaclor La forte 500mg?


What is the correct dosage for 500 mg amoxicillin for sinus infection in 11 year old?

500mg for 5-7 days.

Can you take seroquel with depakote?

Currently I am taking 400mg Seroquel XR and 500mg Depacote ER 2x a day, no problems, so I would say yes.

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