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Can you drink flavored water when on a diet?

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Sure. Flavored water basically has no calories but serves as entertainment for your mouth. If it does have calories (look at the label) then it can contribute to your overall caloric intake. But even if it does have calories, the caloric content is usully low and won't be a major calorie-contributor to your diet.

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Which is better for you flavored water or diet pepsi?


What is crystal light?

a flavored water drink

Can you drink flavored water before a blood test?


Can a chinses dwarf hamster drink flavored water?


What drink begins with F?

Fanta Fizz, flavored water, fresh water.

How much sugar in 12oz mountain dew?

46 grams of sugar. Not the best thing to drink! If you want something more healthy, try flavored water, or diet soda!

Is Diet Coke good to drink well on a diet?

not realy, drink water instead

What is the best drink?

Water -the original diet drink!

What was the first carbonated drink?

Water but the first flavored one was dr. Pepper

Why do gorillas does not drink water?

Gorillas rarely drink water , the water in the diet sustains them .

What kind at water should people drink in order to be healthy?

Regular non-flavored distilled or spring water is the best water you can drink. Mineral water comes in second.

Which is healthy Diet Coke or coke?

Neither Coke or diet Coke are healthy. Coke is water, flavoring, sugar, and chemicals; diet Coke is water, flavoring, and chemicals. Drinking water is healthy. Drinking juice is healthy. Drinking milk is healthy. They all give some benefit that the body requires. Soft drinks do not; even diet soft drinks are not an improvement. If you're thirsty, drink water. If you need a pick me up, drink juice (real juice, not juice drink, ade, or juice cocktail; these are another form of sugar water flavored with juice). If you want to relax or chat with a friend and enjoy a beverage, a soft drink does no harm. It's when you habitually drink soft drinks that it's unhealthy; diet or regular.

What kind of foods do the dogs racing in the iditarod need to eat?

they drink water that is flavored

A flavored cordial drink is in the ratio 1.4 how many milliliters of water will a 200ml drink contain?


What is a soft drink with herb flavored juices?

You may be referring to the carbonated soft drink known as Tarhun. This drink is flavored with Tarragon or Woodruff.

How long will the ice in your drink take to melt so you can drink root beer flavored ice water?

i luv the eskimo peopel

What is the best thing to drink on a diet?


Why easier to drink flavored water than plain?

I think it's because it tastes better. ^^

How do you use the word drink in a sentence?

How much have you had to DRINK!! The drink was cherry flavored.

How do you make diet water?

You cannot. Water is "diet" already. There is really no nutrition in water. There are no calories, carbs, or fat in water so it does not need to be made "diet". Water is the best drink for you.

Is clear flavored water healthy to drink?

water that is clear should show that there are no chemicals but if it is cloudy it hasnt been cleaned properly

What is flavored water?

Flavored water is adding artificial powdered flavoring in the water.

Is propel a sports drink?

Nope. Just flavored water. Sports drinks fall under Gatorade, Vitamin Water, etc. I can see why you would wonder, but no, it's not a sports drink.

Who made the first fizzy drink?

Water is naturally carbonated at times, and the first fizzy drinks were just flavored, naturally carbonated water.

What kind of drink is Gatorade?

A semi-flavored drink containing sodium and potassium slats that help replenish the body's water levels and stabilize electrolyte levels.