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Can you drink milk the day before a colonoscopy?

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can you eat yogart the day before a colonoscopy

Doctors recommend that you should eat only fruits and vegetables 3 days before your colonoscopy is scheduled and only liquids 1 day before the colonoscopy. Intake of laxatives is mandatory a day before colonoscopy.

You will have to clean you colon before a colonoscopy. Take a laxitive and stool softener the day before to remove all the things from you colon.

Yes a klonopin can be taken the day before a colonoscopy so long as it has been prescribed by a doctor. Klonopin is used to treat anxiety.

There is no data for that. Anyone can drink 2% milk one day, and then never drink it again the next day. More people drink 1% milk than 2% milk, however.

You will get a bowel prep to clean the bowel before colonoscopy and you only need to stay on fluid diet for a day, so it will be all right to have a normal diet and beans 5 days before colonoscopy

No chickens do not drink any form of milk. They drink water from the day they are hatched from their egg.

a gallon, 8 oz should be drank every 10 minutes until the patient is done with the gallon

Babies drink milk all day because they need strong bones.

Jellow and apple juice and black coffee and tea. :)

It might be OK, but the only way to know for certain is to ask the physician who will do your colonoscopy.

They should drink 4 glasses a day.

they mainly drink coconut milk and kava

any alcohol poisoning will be much much worse than before but you can have like 1 pint a day maximum a bit more than a pint like 1.3

No particular day is any better than any other for having a colonoscopy.

It is healthy for a child to drink between twelve and eighteen ounces of milk per day.

How much milk you should drink daily depends on your sex and age. It is recommended you drink 3 to 5 glasses a day.

u will get healthy its so good and u should drink milk 2 to 3 times a day

tigers don't drink milk they can eat meat from the day they r born

A human is supposed to drink 8 glasses of milk a day, but most of the time people don't. Water is healthier for you than milk but milk has protein so u can go either way. But ode say drink 4 glasses of milk and 4 glasses of water to even them out.

3-5 glasses of milk per day is a healthy amount.

It doesn't really matter but you should drink at least a cup every day.