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In India, water from copper pitchers is considered very healthy. We normally fill a pitcher with drinking water and let it sit overnight before drinking.

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Q: Can you drink water from a copper pitcher?
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What are some ways your body uses copper?

By the amount of water your body uses a day,it has copper in the water you drink which means that you have cipper in your body all the time if you just drink water.

What do pitcher plants drink anyone has answer?

Rain water

How do you separate water and copper sulphate?

you can put cheese in it and then drink it

How far do you travel to get a drink of water?

Well I travel to the water pitcher in my house, so its about 60-80ft

How was the bird supposed to drink water from the pitcher if his beak was to short?

He dropped in stones to raise the water level.

Is water collected from a roof made of copper safe to drink?

it is safe. but only if it is cleaned and purified.

What is in well water that turns sink green?

It's the copper in old plumbing. The acidity of the water or just age can cause corrosion, releasing copper into the water. You can replace with PVC, or get a filtration system, or just drink bottled water, if you're concerned about it.

Why do people who drink a pitcher of orange juice frequently go to the washroom?

They are took in too much water which was in the orange juice.

What is pitcher plant?

Because the pitcher plant has water inside of it and it looks like a pitcher of water

How copper sulphate reacts with water?

Copper sulfate dissolves in water to form a copper sulfate solution.

Is copper iodide soluble in water?

No. Copper iodide is insoluble in water.

Does copper react with water?

No, copper does not react with cold water or steam.

How do copper react with water?

Copper (Cu) does not react at all with water.

Does the mass of water increase when you add copper sulfate?

The mass of water does not increase when copper sulfate is added to the water, unless the copper sulfate is hydrated. The mass of the mixture of water and copper sulfate, of course, does increase.

What does copper sulphate and water make?

Copper Sulphate mixed with hot water makes Copper Sulphate Crystals.

How do you find out if a water heater has copper in it and if it does how much copper?

It can maintain the cooling temperature of water and 80% of copper is available.

Carniverous plants in the rainforest?

The pitcher plant is a carniverous plant it lewers animals when they try to drink the water inside the plant they fall in and they get eaten

How reactive is copper?

Copper does not react in water.

What heats faster water or copper?


In domestic pitcher why water get cool?

water in pitcher becomes cool because pitcher has small pores on its surface and the water evaporates from pores by using heat of water. in this way evaporation takes the heat and water in the pitcher becomes cool

Does copper react in sea water?

Copper will slowly corrode in sea water.

What happens to copper in water?

Copper does not react with water. That is why it is used for household plumbing.

Copper sulfate plus water?

Copper sulfate! anhydrous copper sulfate crystals become hydrated and bonded with the water. This is called water of crystallisation.

Can ladybug drink water?

yes they can drink water ,they drink droplets of water.Salt water with with a hint of lime

Do orangutan's drink water?

They do drink water