Medication and Alcohol Interactions

Can you drink while taking an antidepressant?


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Alcohol is a depressant that should not be taken with Antidepressants


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There will be no effect from the antidepressant. Alcphol causes depression.

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can you drink alcohol while taking hydroxyurea ?

You should not drink while taking any pills.

I am taking a antidepressant and can't stop yawning is there anything I can do without stopping the medication?

You should not drink Alcohol while taking ANY medication.

can i drink pineapple juice while taking warfarin

No, you can not drink while taking Azithromycin. Nor should you smoke while taking it either...

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Yes, you can drink milk while taking penicillin.

Can youdrink alcohol while taking lamictal?

You should not drink alcohol while taking levothyroxine. It is not advisable to take alcohol when taking any type of medication.

can I drink beer while taking ciprofloxacin 500mg twice a day?

Yes. You may also drink while taking dicloxacillin, an interchangeable drug.

Yes. You may also drink while taking dicloxacillin, an interchangeable drug.

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You can depending on what antidepressent your doctor has. for example I'm on aderal while taking an antidepressent

Yes You can drink while you are taking Viagra but the viagra pill will not be as functional while the alcohol level in your blood is high.

It is not okay to drink alcohol while taking Ciprofloxacin. Drinking alcohol while taking prescription medications can pose health dangers.

No it strongly advised to not drink alcohol while taking Prevacid. Drinking alcohol while taking Prevacid may cause a stomach irritation.

No, it is not advisable to drink alcohol while taking probiotics. The alcohol will affect how the probiotics will work.

You can, but remember that marijuana is a DEPRESSANT, and will be countering the effects of your antidepressant.

If you drink alcohol while taking metronidazole for any purpose, you may become violently ill with nausea and vomiting. Don't drink while taking metronidazole, nor the day before or the day after.

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