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Can you drive a motorbike with your tractor license?

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No. There is a tractor license? Not in Australia. The answer is still no. Having a tractor license would not let you even drive a forklift.

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Can you have a regular license and still get your tags for a motorcycyle?

NO WAY! you have to get a motorbike license to drive a motorbike

What kind of license do you need to drive a tractor?

You need no license to drive a farm tractor as long as you do not drive it on public roads.

Can you drive a tractor on a HR license?

You can drive an agricultural tractor unaccompanied to and from tractor driving lessons at the age of 16.

How old do you have to be to ride a motorbike in Vietnam?

- From 16 years old you are allow to drive a motorbike under 50cc- You have to be 18 years old to join the Motorbike Driver License (A1, A2) then you can drive a motorbike above 50cc

If a person has a drivers license can they drive on the highway?

can a person temporarily drive a tractor on a highway with a driver license

Do you need a licence to drive a vehicle motorbike quadbike tractor on private farm property in south Africa?

It's a private farm. As long as you don't get near the public, you don't need a license.

What is the age you can go for your tractor license?

The legal age to drive a tractor on the road is 16

What cars can you drive on a motorcycle license?

You can drive reliant robins, but only if you have a full motorbike license. Also it varies depending on the 'cc' of the robin.

Can you drive to your tractor license test?

You can operate any motor vehicle of which you are liscensed to drive. So, you may drive a car to your tractor-liscense test, but not a tractor. (provided you have a drivers liscense)

Can a person temperaraly operate a farm tractor on the highway without a drivers license?

no, because a tractor is not allowed on a highway even if you do have a license to drive

Can you drive a motorbike on your car license?

Most states require a separate drivers license. -------------- In some countries (Sweden for instance) it's allowed to drive 125cc's on a car drivers license!

Have you got to take a test before you drive a tractor on the road?

Generally in any part of the world where you need a license to drive a car on a public road you will need a license to drive a tractor on the road. It will vary between country to country, even state to state wether you need a special license class or wether the tractor falls under an existing (generally mass based) category.

Can you drive a snowmobile if your license is revoked?

Yes, as well as an atv, lawn mower or tractor

Can you drive a motorbike with an Ireland full car license?

if it's under 50cc you can, anything larger you need a motorcycle licence.

Do you need a license for a 50CC motorbike in South Africa?

Yes but all you have to do is drive 50metres really easy! Hope i helped :)

What are class A drivers license?

A class A driver's license is considered a commercial driver's license. It qualifies someone to drive a tractor & trailer weighing up to 26,000 pounds.

What does 25kw mean on an Irish driving license?

It means you can't drive a motorbike with a power greater than 25kW. That condition is removed after holding a full license for 2 years.

Do you have to have a license to drive a mini motorbike?

If it isn't large enough in your jurisdiction to be considered a motor vehicle, you may not need a license. However, you may not be allowed to operate it on public roads.

Can anyone drive a tractor?

Although it may not be true in all countries, in North America you may operate a tractor with just a driver's license if done for a farm. You will likely need a special license for any other use.

Do you need a motorbike license to insure a motorbike?

if you're going to use the bike, then Yes. if it's for someone else, then No

Can you drive a tractor when you had your license taken for druck driving?

In most places, working on one's farm does not require a license. Movement of the vehicle on public roads could be an issue.

If you pass your tractor test at sixteen can you drive quads legally on the road?

No you can't you have to wait until your 17 an have a car license.

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