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You still need a motorcycle endorsement.

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No. To ride a motorcycle you need an M-Class license. To drive a car you need a drivers license.

Most states mandate a motorcycle license.

A class M2 is to drive a motorized bicycle or moped that operates less than 149cc. An M1 is to drive a motorcycle.

If you have a drivers license, it must have a endorsement to operate a motorcycle.

no. if you have a drivers license you can drive on the road. if you dont, you can take a short class and you can ride. 15 yr olds can also take the class and ride.

No. When your license is suspended, so is your privilege to drive, period.

In Florida you do not need a motorcycle licence but you need a Class E Drivers License to operate any motor vehicle on a public roadway. Check with your states D.L. office.

To legally drive your motorcycle, you must have a Class M license. You can take your motorcycle driving test either at a highway patrol center or online.

14You can get a motorcycle license with a class B restriction at 14 ... which means that you can't drive anything over 200 cc (small cycles and mopeds). You can get your full motorcycle license at 15 and you can drive anything that is classified as a motorcycle.

You just need a regular drivers license to drive an RV Class A in Virginia.

Yes if under 50cc don't need a motorcycle license

Yes, you have to get a license to legally drive a motorcycle.

To legally drive a 125cc motorcycle anywhere in the U.S. you need a class M drivers license. In the UK, you can use your car license with L plates, but you have to complete the CBT every two years.

yes you need to get a motorcycle endorsment and have a license

no!!! u need a motorcycle license

Can drive all vehicles not defined as CMV or Motorcycle

A class D drivers license allows you to drive a small passenger car and truck. No motorcycles and no big rigs.

A trike is considered a motorcycle and requires a motorcycle endorsement on your driver's license.

You can find the info in the motorcycle manual (related link).

do i need a drivers lincene to drive a motor scooter 49 in California

A class A driver's license is considered a commercial driver's license. It qualifies someone to drive a tractor & trailer weighing up to 26,000 pounds.

a motor cycle license and a Commercial Drivers License (needed to drive a commercil vehicle-- truck) are 2 diffreant licenses

Yes. It is a requirement to obtain your Motorcycle class on your license.

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