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Bo you can not. You have to have a drivers license. However for a two wheeled vehicle with less than 50cc you do not need a motorcycle endorsement.


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Technically, you can operate a "scooter" without a valid license in Florida, IF the scooter is electric and meets the qualifications of being a motorized bike. If the scooter runs on gasoline, then no matter the size, you HAVE to have a valid driver's license. (By the way, the 49cc reference in the question actually does pertain to a certain restriction in Florida - with a gasoline powered scooter, 49cc is the maximum engine size a person can operate without a motorcycle endorsement on their driver's license). Oh, one last thing about the electric scooter - it has to have pedals which allow it to be pedaled just like a bicycle...hence meeting the guidelines of a "motorized bike."

If you operate any two wheel motorcycle with an engine size greater than 50 cc, a motorcycle endorsement on your driver license or a motorcycle-only license is required.

Are you sure you don't mean a 60cc scooter? Because a motorcycle with a 600 cc engine is not called a scooter. For a scooter and moped with a 60cc engine or smaller, you need to be 16, attend a driving safety corse and pass a test. Because the scooter is bigger than 50 cc, you will either need a regular drivers license with a motorcycle endorsement or a motorcycle driver's license. In Pennsylvania the following rules apply for a motorcycle license: 16 years old for a learner's permit, 16 years and 6 months old for a restricted license and 18 years old for a full license.

The legal age to ride a motor scooter in the USA is 16. The driver is only allowed to drive a scooter up to 125cc in engine size.

To drive a scooter in CT you must have an automobile drivers license. If the scooters engine is over 49cc then you must also have a motorcycle license. I believe the minimum age is 17 to drive a car.

Yes, you will need a motorcycle only license or motorcycle endorsement on your regular license. Virginia does not require a motorcycle license or endorsement for a scooter or moped. A scooter or moped is defined as having an engine less than 50cc's and your is larger than that.

You need to have a basic training licence and be aged over 16 to drive a motor scooter in California. The scooter must also not exceed 125cc in engine size.

== == If your motor scooter has an engine capacity of at least 50 cubic centimeters, it falls into the category of motorcycle in Connecticut. That means you have to follow the same laws motorcycle drivers and owners do. You need to register your motor scooter, hold title and registration, and carry a motorcycle operator's license. It is illegal to ride your scooter on sidewalks. Your scooter must have brakes, lights, a horn, and mirrors. If your scooter's engine capacity is less than 50 cubic centimeters, it is classified as a moped, or a "bicycle with helper motor." You are only required to hold a valid driver's license to own and ride it.

Within the state of Washington, a scooter is considered a moped or scooter, rather than a motorcycle, if its engine is less than or equal to 50cc. Beyond this, a motorcycle license is needed. As well, make sure the scooter doesn't speed up past 30 miles per hour on level ground, as going above this speed will classify the vehicle as a motorcycle even if the engine is a proper size.

If you mean to drive a scooter on public streets the age does not matter, what you must have is a regular drivers license for an automobile. If the scooter's engine is over 49cc then you must also have a motorcycle license in CT. Check your states MVB's rules online.

In order for a scooter to be street legal in Nebraska the tires must be bigger than 14 inches. Also the engine must have at least 45cc's or more. A motorcycle license is needed and the scooter will also have to be registered.

I don'tknow about Florida, but I know in Washington you don't. Only 6.6 horsepower.

Most states consider anything with an engine over 50cc to be a motorcycle. A 125cc scooter will probably have to be registered and licensed as a motorcycle, and the qualifications for the drivers licese will be the same as for larger motorcycles.

The age for obtaining a driver's license for a motorcycle in South Africa is 16, but you are limited to an engine capacity of 125cc.

You have to have a valid driver's license in order to operate a moped on public roadways in Tennessee. If you have a valid Tennessee driver's license, you will not need to take a test to get an endorsement on your license if you are operating a scooter or moped that has a top speed of less than 30mph and an engine size of 50cc or smaller. If the engine size is larger than 50cc, you will have to take the necessary steps to acquire a motorcycle endorsement on your license.

i just purchased a 150cc scooter in Illinois on sept 27, 2008. according to the dealer, as of January 1, 2008; any motor scooter or cycle that can travel at 30mph or faster is required to have a license (it used to be based on cc rating of engine, but no longer). you will need to check in with DMV to get a booklet (available on line); take a written and driving test.

Yes. A scooter with an engine capable of propelling it more than 24mph requires a license to drive in Oregon. The speed of a 49cc scooter is capped at 30mph. At any greater speed requires a motorcycle endorsement. You can be slapped with a heavy fine for violation of this law. **THIS IS INCORRECT, THE DMV WEBSITE SAYS 30MPH NOT 24. SO NO, A 49CC CAPPED AT 30MPH DOES NOT REQUIRE A LICENSE.*** 2014 Oregon DMV Moped.. License Yes If it has a combustion engine, the engine must be 35.01 to 50 cc. Must be unable to travel more than 30 mph on a level road surface. Must not require clutching or shifting by the operator after the power drive system is engaged. Requires a driver license to operate (but not a motorcycle endorsement). Requires registration and insurance to operate on public roadways and premises open to the public. If a moped exceeds either maximum capable speed or engine size it is a motorcycle." Electric Scooter/Gas Scooter...License No Gas - Maximum cc=35 Electric - Maximum output=1000 watts Not capable of going faster than 24 mph on level ground.

On my 49cc scooter engine the carburetor is found on the engine. The engine is broken down into 3 parts, the part to the left (looking at it) where the air filter is is right next to the carburetor.

Yes you can get a rev limiter. You can buy them from Scooter Attack dot com.

The 250 cc motor scooter is commonly the largest engine size scooter. The 250 cc scooter has a top speed of about 75 miles per hour, but usually the engine size will top the speed out at about 60 miles per hour.

In Canada, you may ride a scooter with an engine smaller then 50cc if you've got your regular license. bigger then that and you'll need your motorcycle endorsement.

In Texas if the engine is 125cc u only have to be 13 but u need a special license

Onto the exhaust port of the engine...

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