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It depends on the state. Some require a period of time when you can't have anyone except a parent or guardian in the vehicle for several months after you get your license. Some states don't let underage drivers drive alone after dark. It's all figured out depending on where you live.

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Q: Can you drive alone after you receive your license?
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If you are a minor can you drive alone in the state of Florida?

If you are a minor, you cannot drive alone unless you have a full driver's license.

Is it legal to drive alone with a permit after you turn 16?

In West Virginia it is illegal to drive alone unless you have your license.

Can you drive alone with 60 houres driving with your permit?


Can you drive alone instruction permit?

The answer is No. You must have a full license in order to drive. Period.

Can you drive alone to a school sports event with a junior license?


Can a minor with a Wisconsin probationary license drive out of state alone?


Do you need a drivers license for an automobile before you can receive a license to drive a motorcycle in North Carolina?


Can you drive to work alone with a permit in Florida?

Nope gota have your license

When you first get your license who can you drive?

hey there... If you receive your learners you may only drive with a passenger that has had his/her full license for 2 yrs. On your restircted you may either drive all on your own or with a full license holder in da passenger seat. There are conditions driving alone. On your full you can take any pssenger! hope this helps...

Will my license be revoked if I drive alone with a learners permit?

It depends on the legislation of the country

Do 16 year olds have to have a special license to drive a horse trailer alone?

no you have to be over 25 to drive a horse lorry or a 4x4 pulling a trailer your not allowed to drive at 16 let alone drive a horse trailer!

What happens if you receive a ticket for allowing someone to drive without a license?

If you receive a ticket asking you to pay for allowing someone to drive without a license you need to pay it. If the ticket specifies that you need to complete a task you must do this as well.

Can you drive with alone with license class d?

I do not quite understand your question. If you have a class d license, you can drive a car all by yourself. You can also drive a car or small truck for someone else and get paid for it.

In the UK can you drive alone with l plates and a provisional licience?

no the only time which you can drive a car alone in the UK is when you have passed your driving test and you hold a full license. if you have not passed your driving test you can drive a car if you have a provisional license and L plates with a person who has held a full license for three years or more and is over 21 years old!

What happens if i drive with g1 in Ontario i have insurance and if i drive alone what happens?

if they catch you, they can take away your license for 30 days.

Can an 18 year old drive alone in Florida with a learner's permit?

A permit is not required but you need a license to be able to drive.

Can a seventeen year old drive alone?

Yes, IF they have a driver's license and not just a permit.

Can 16 yr Texans with a permit drive alone?

In Texas you can only drive alone with an actual license. If you have a permit you have to have at least an adult with you (18+) if not your legal guardians only. This is regardless of age.

What will happen to you if you are 17 and have a learners permit and drive alone?

well in florida if u drive alone with a learners permit you will have ur drivers license suspended for up to six don't do it

If you are 18 and have a permit can you drive alone?

You can indeed drive alone if you are 18 and have a permitt... but at the age of 18 you should definitely have you drivers license.] ==

Are women allowed to drive alone in Saudi Arabia?

On spasific compounds women are allowed to drive alone if they have a license from another country, however off those small coumpounds they are never allowed to drive under ANY curcimstances!

Can someone drive with a learner permit alone?

no. if you did you would probably receive a citation and have to pay a fine.

Can a 15 with a permit drive alone in Louisiana?

no he must have an adult with him until he is 16 and gets an actual license

Can a 17 old from NJ drive to New York?

obviously, as long as the have a junior license if they are driving alone.

If you are 18 in CA and you have a driving permit and you're covered by insurance can't you drive alone?

No. A permit is not a license.