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I don't see why not. I drive alone all the time, and I don't even have permission.

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Q: Can you drive alone with permission from the dmv?
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Can I get a written permission to drive alone to and from work with a G1 in Ontario?


If you are 19 can you drive alone if you have a driver's permit?

The state is not mentioned - it would depend on the DMV regulations of your state.

Can a 17 year old drive alone with a Florida permit?

NO - you may not! See below link for the Florida DMV;

Is there a permit that allows you to drive to school alone with only a permit?

It depends on your state. Check with your local DMV or your state's website.

Is it legal for the DMV to make it impossible for a 16-year-old to drive alone?

Absolutely. It is an established legal principal that no one has a constitutional "right" to drive a motor vehicle. To be licensed to drive in a State, a person must meet any requirements or conditions set by the State, and the State can revoke a person's privilege to drive if those are not followed. No. The DMV does not have lawmaking power. The legislature does. And yes, it is legal for the legislature to make it impossible for a 16-year-old to drive alone and to empower the DMV to enforce this rule.

Can you legally drive to school if you have your driver's permit along with a parent's note if it is the only way for you to get to school?

ONLY if you are otherwise legally entitled to drive alone, and if the school in question permits you to drive to school (many schools have policies restricting students from doing so without express permission both from parents). If you do not have school permission, if you do not have parental permission, if you do not have the legal right to drive alone (most likely if you are still a student) then no, you may not drive to school. You will have to find some other way.

Can you drive alone to school with a permit in Tennessee?

Permits generally require an adult supervisor in the car with you. Use the DMV website and your training manual for more information.

Can you drive directly to and from school alone in California with a learners permit?

I don't know for sure about California, but in my state and all states I know of, you are required to have a licensed driver with you when you only have a learners permit and cannot drive alone. Take a look at the permit, driver's manual, or call your local DMV.

Where do you get your motorcycle liscense?

You can get your endorsement at the dmv. It's basically a stamp on your license that gives you permission to ride

Dmv nj standard written test?

The DMV NJ standard written test is simple. This has to be took in order to drive.

Will insurance cover a wreck if my son only has permit and was driving alone in Texas?

As long as your son was on the policy or had permission from the owner of the vehicle to drive it, he should be covered.

Can you drive at 13 years old?

Not legally on a public road in any place I know of. (You could drive on parents private property with their permission and supervision.)In most states you have to be 16 years old to get a learning permit and this means you can't drive alone.

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