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Most insurance policies allow other occasional drivers. If they are normal drivers, I would add them to the policy.

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Q: Can you drive any car if am not the policy holder?
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What is the insurance called where you are covered for any car you drive?

An Umbrella policy

My son does not live in my home but drives my car occasionally do you need to list him on my policy?

Unless your policy specifically covers ANY driver to drive your car, then all drivers that do drive your car should be specified (by name) on your policy.

Can a p plate holder drive a manual car?

Your question makes no sense at all. Of course a plate holder cannot drive a car.

Can i be a named driver on my sisters car insurance if i am a the policy holder on my own car?


Is it agents the law to drive on someone ales insurance and just add you to it and you drive it all the time?

Auto insurance has a policy. Each policy has its own limitations. If you drive a car more than any other member of the household then you are considered the primary operator and should be added to the policy. If you live in the household you must be added to the policy unless excluded from driving any of the cars own by the policy holder.So, to answer the question. You can "get by" with minor fraud by driving the car the majority of time without being on the policy unless you live in the household of the policy holder. In my opinion, it would be advisable to keep logs of how much the "guest" driver is using the car in case there is a question of majority usage.

If you are the primary policy holder and someone else drives the car and gets into an accident is it your fault or theirs?

Fault does not really matter, the claim will go under the policy that the vehicle is insured under as long as the driver of the car had the owners permission to drive the vehicle. Be careful though, some policies are "named driver" policies and if the driver of the car was not listed in the policy, there may not be any coverage. If that is the case, and the driver has their own policy, you can try to attach to that policy.

Do you need to be the policy holder to own a car?

no but you need a dealership-man

Can you drive an electric car at 13?

Yes but on your own land you can drive any car on your own land but to drive on the road you have to be atleast 15 with a drivers permit and accompanied by a license holder over 18

If you drive your mother's car and I'm fully insured can I drive it?

No only those designated by the insurance holder may drive the car.

What cars can you drive with fully comprehensive car insurance?

Read the policy. Generally, you can drive the car mentioned on the policy and any short term rental car. Laws are different in every state. You should call your agent for clarification of your coverage.

Is there a insurance policy that will cover an individual in any vehicle he or she may drive?

A named non-owner policy. Or a dealers blanket policy (what car dealers use)

Can your daughter drive your car if she is not insured on your policy or any policy of her own?

Yes, as long as she has a drivers license. You are the name insured on your policy all other legal drivers are allowed to drive your vehicle as an occasional driver.

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