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yes you can. next time if you are not sure, the n go to a police station and ask them.


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No, Arizona does not allow learners permit at all.

Yes, You can it is just saying you got your learners permit in Colarado

Yes, provided that you are in compliance with all the requirements and restrictions of that class of permit.

I don't know for sure about California, but in my state and all states I know of, you are required to have a licensed driver with you when you only have a learners permit and cannot drive alone. Take a look at the permit, driver's manual, or call your local DMV.

that's the purpose of a LEARNERS permit

There is no difference in a learners permit and a permit. People just say permit because it is shorter than saying learners permit.A permit or learners permit lets you drive with an adult of 21 or over with a valid license.A drivers license lets you drive by yourself without the adult.

Can you please tell me if you can drive to and from school if you have a Nevada permit?

In the state of New York you are allowed to drive with your learners permit from 5am to 9pm

Learner's permits are only valid in the state in which they are issued.

Yes But He Needs To Have A Learners Permit. Answerd By TG

Your destination is not relevant, you may not drive without the necessity of complying with ALL the requirements of your learners permit.

It is not legal to drive in South Carolina with New York learners permit. You have to say in New York with that. Learners have to stay in New York cause its a New York state learners permit.

You can drive in Georgia with an out of state learners permit. You need to be accompanied by a driver over the age of 21, and you have to have valid insurance.

Yes you can drive in Canada with a learners permit. But you must be a Canadian citizen and there should be a person with a valid driving licence on the wheel.

No, the learners permit is good only for the operation of the instructional vehicle.

no, you cannot drive alone with a learner's permit

You can only drive in the state where the learners permit was issued.

No. If you talk to the California Highway Patrol (1-800-TELL-CHP), they will tell you that only a valid driver's license is acceptable--an Illinois permit won't work.

In California I believe you can still get your driver's license after your permit expired, however you cannot drive without the permit until after you get your driver's license.

In Virginia, one with a learners permit can drive a jet ski. By 2016, everybody, regardless of age or craft will be required to have a license.

You can drive in any state you would like with an Ohio learners permit as long as you meet the other requirements. You will have to have another driver beside you.

No. A Georgia permit is only good in Georgia.

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