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No. A permit driver is required to be supervised at all times while driving.

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2011-01-16 21:21:21
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Q: Can you drive to school alone with a permit at 15 when no one else can for a while?
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Can you drive alone to school with a permit in Texas?

No. You need a licensed driver with you while you drive.

Can you drive to school with a permit in Florida?

Yes you are allowed to drive to school and back with a permit. You may also drive to work and back and the same for church. As long as you drive safely and stay out of trouble while driving to school or work or church and don't do otherwise.

Can you drive in Indiana by yourself if you have your permit and you are 18 years old?

You must be supervised by a fully licenced driver while driving on a learner's permit, period. It does not matter if you are 15 or 18 - you cannot drive alone.

What is the punishment for driving alone on a permit in Colorado?

It is important to follow the rule and regulations while driving. If a person is cause driving on their own, while only having a permit, they can lose their right to drive for a while, and have to pay a fine.

In Massachusetts do you always have to have a parent with you while driving or can you drive to school without a parent while you have your permit?

No, you may not drive to the driving school without a licensed driver at any time! This is considered illegal, not to mention risky concerning insurance laws! A driver with a learner's permit must always have a licensed driver in the vehicle. You're still learning to drive, which is why it's called a learner's permit and not a license.

Can you drive on highway 80 with an instruction permit?

Yes, you can drive anywhere with an instruction permit. You are not limited to certain areas or certain highways while you have this permit.

Can you drive to and from work alone when you have a learner's license at sixteen?

No, a learners permit is for you to use while you are LEARNING how to drive. I beieve in most states now the other adult in the car must be licensed and be 21 or older.

If you are under 18 with a learner's permit in Texas can you drive alone?

No. If you read your learner's permit, it tells you the restrictions that you must follow while driving. One of those restrictions is that you must be accompanied by a licensed driver at least 21 years old.

Can i car be driven with a cdl permit?

Your CDL permit is in addition to the class of licence you had beforehand. So long as you were licenced to drive a car before you got your CDL permit, you can drive your own car while you possess a CDL permit.

Can i work with study permit in Canada?

A study permit alone is not enough to be able to gain work with in Canada. You would have to apply for a student work permit. -- Yes you can. Find information about working at the school where you study. Or Find information about working off campus while you study in Canada.

What does a cdl class a permit allow you to drive?

You can drive commercial vehicles while supervised by a fully licenced driver.

In California can the DMV make it possible for a 16-year-old to drive alone to school with only a driver's permit?

There is no way! The only way to drive alone is on a provisional license which requires 6 months on a permit, 3 drivers training classes, and the Drivers ED. Actually yes you can. If you go to the dmv's site, there will be an exceptions section where you can go to school by yourself as long as the prinicpal signs a note or document stating that you may do so. Technically, the DMV does not have lawmaking authority so it is not up to the DMV to determine who can drive when and under what circumstances. This function is left to the state legislature. The legislature could make it possible for a 16-year-old to drive alone to school with only a driver's permit if they were so inclined, though I doubt they will be so inclined any time soon. And with reference to the answer posted above, it appears to have confused exemptions to the first-year-license restrictions as exmptions to restrictions of drivers permits. A fairly exhaustive search of the CA DMV website uncovered NO exceptions to the requirement that a learner's permit holder must have a certified driving instructor, a license-holding parent/guardian, or other license-holding person aged 25 or older in the car with them while driving. To the person who said.. [There is no way! The only way to drive alone is on a provisional license which requires 6 months on a permit, 3 drivers training classes, and the Drivers ED.] You can get a permit at 15 and a half, if you need 6 months with a permit, you can get a permit at 15 and a half and when 6 months pass by, you're 16.

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