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Can you drive with a faulty silencer?

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βˆ™ 2011-02-08 15:28:34

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no you are not allowed, if you get stop by the cops you will get a £60 fine and if you are unlucky 3points too

2011-02-08 15:28:34
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Can you drive with out cam sensor?

can you drive with a faulty cam sensor for a while?

Is it dangerous to drive with a faulty vapor vent solenoid?


What is the Afrikaans word for 'silencer'?

If translated directly it is 'versagter,' but when used in silencer of a gun it is 'knaldemper.'

Can you drive your car with a faulty manifold?

You can drive a car with any faulty part, but in doing so it will cause more damage to another part somewhere else. With a faulty Exhaust manifold you will be damaging your Valves, and possible your pistons, connecting rods etc...

Where can you get the silencer on black ops?

you just buy the silencer

What if you install indore silencer to royal enfield bullet 350cc?

There are different kind of modified silencer apart from the originally supplied (Stock) silencer. Indore silencer is one of them. It produces a decent thumping sound like the one in old bullets, but is not even to much noisy. There are other silencer which do not have any filter (muffler) like the ROCKET SILENCER, which produce much more sound (Noise) as compared to indoor or stock silencer. I have a rocket silencer, but now i am planning to go for indore silencer, as i have heard rocket silencer effects the engine. I hope that hepls... Enjoy thumping..thump..thump..and go for indore silencer

Can I drive the car a 2008 Buick 6 cylinder with a faulty crank sensor?

No. The engine won't run with a faulty crank sensor.

Where is the silencer on a supercharger for a 3800?

The air filter is refered to as an intake silencer.

What is the duration of The Silencer film?

The duration of The Silencer - film - is 1.53 hours.

What is the silencer for on a ATV?

the silencer is the muffler part of the exhaust system. it quietens the ATV

When was The Silencer - film - created?

The Silencer - film - was created in 1999.

Will a faulty crankshaft position sensor cause a NO SPARK situation?

yes if its faulty its like going into safe mode your engine will not fire drive safe

How long can you drive with faulty oxygen sensor?

32. 6 miles approximatly

Can the Glock 18 be equipped with a silencer?

Yes, a Glock 18 (or G18) can be equipped with a silencer.

Does a silencer go on the barrel or the muzzle of a sniper rifle?

A silencer should go on the muzzle

What causes a car to squeak when just started?

Usually the accessory drive belt is faulty

Why water drops fall from silencer of car?

The silencer is very sad and the water drops are its tears.

What are the ratings and certificates for Silencer - 2006?

Silencer - 2006 is rated/received certificates of: Australia:M

When did Silencer - video game - happen?

Silencer - video game - happened in 1998.

When was Silencer - video game - created?

Silencer - video game - was created in 1998.

Why Silencer ammo?

The ammunition (bullets) is not silenced. A silencer is a device that is placed on the end of the gun barrel to absorb and smother the sound of the explosion when a bullet is fired. It is similar in principle to the silencer system on a car engine, without a silencer the noise from the engine would be deafening.

Do silencers fit all airsoft guns?

No. Check the threads of your silencer and silencer adapter/outer barrel first. The silencer should have the same diameter and twist (clockwise or anti-clockwise).

How much heat transfer takes place between outer and inner surface of silencer?

the same amount of heat takes place in the inner and outer of a silencer because the silencer is a metal

What does this mean insert disk to drive e?

Read through the answer and the various conditions that cause this message are covered. It means that it knows there is a "Drive" in location "E" but there is no media in the drive. A faulty flash drive will return this. A program will request this if you have a DVD or CD ROM drive and it requires a new disk or it needs information on a disk to operate or update. A faulty or damaged disk will also return this message.

Does a hole in a two wheeler's silencer affect the mileage?

No, a small hole in a silencer does not affect the fuel consumption.