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Partially engaged and you will burn you rear brake shoes/pads up. Fully engaged the car will not move.

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Q: Can you drive your car with the emergency break up?
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Can you be arrested after car has been repossessed and it was not reported to law enforcement agency and you picked car up to drive because of family emergency?

You have to get a release from the police dept. before you drive the car. It is usually about $15.

What brake heats the car up?

If you run your car with the emergency brake on it will heat the car up.

How do you drive a car uphill road?

you drive the car up the hill.

When starting a car does it need to warm up?

Todays car warms up faster if you drive it. Just drive easy

What is the problem when you pull up on the emergency brake of a 1998 Ford Escort and you can still drive the car?

Either the cable needs adjusting, or the rear brakes need to be replaced.

In gta iv can you drive an emergency vehicle with no sirens but with the lights flashing?

No. You cannot use just your lights, unless it is an audio glitch. But you can beat your car up so bad that sometimes the noise of the siren wont work, but who wants a beaten up car?

What should i do 88 ford mustang emergency brake locked up fine in reverse drags in drive?

The brake cable(s) are frozen. You need to replace them. Trying to drive the car in that condition will damage what is left of your rear brakes.

Crown victor does the park break supposed to release when you put the car in drive?

On some models there is a vacuum release. Its to keep grandma from burning up the breaks =)

Can you put mixed petrol in a car?

No because the car will blow up when you drive.

Why does your car hessitate when you drive it?

Time for a tune-up.

If your vehicle has anti locking braking system should you stomp on the break and not let up in an emergency?


What do you do if your car will not back up on a hill?

Don't back up a hill, drive up it.

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