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ever hear of Google? tons will pop up Some reputable universities are offering completely online bachelor's degree programs. Look into University of Illinois - they offer BAs in business, math, computer science, and in a variety of other areas that are completely online.
You can complete your bachelor degree online by enrolling in an accredited online college with bachelor programs. Most of the colleges also offer financial and tuition assistance to those who qualify. Further, you can transfer credits from other accredited traditional and online schools.

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Q: Can you earn a bachelor's degree online?
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It takes two years to earn an associates degree (not needed if you are earning a bachelors degree), four years to earn a bachelors degree, and then one to two additional years to earn a masters degree after you get your bachelors degree. Usually, an associates or bachelors degree in early childhood education or a related field is all that is needed to teach in preschool.

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yes masters degree must be earned to earn a bachelors but not in all caseshoped this helpedmack'n Me.ME

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Yes, you can! I would schedule 2 hard and 2 easy classes each semester.

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