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Yes you can. It should be a transferable degree because the courses you need to take to get associates should be transferable. Usually it is AS or (Associates in Science) or AA (Associates in Arts).

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Q: Can you earn an associate's degree and then go to an university?
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Can you earn an associate's degree in one area and a bachelor's degree in another area?

As far as I know, you can get an Associates in one field and a BA in another. For example, if you attend Community College and get your associates in Paralegal Studies, you could then turn around and go to a major University and get a Bachelors in Communications. You can get as many degree's as you want.

Where can one get a free associates degree accounting in the UK?

If somebody was looking to obtain a free associates degree accounting in the United Kingdom they could go to a large variety of college and universities such as The Open University and get it from there.

How long after an associate's degree does it take to earn a bachelor's degree?

Well an associates degree is a two year degree while a bachelors is four. Not all major will transfer from an associates to a bachelors. For example you can get an associates in nursing and go on later to get your bachelors and it only be about two more years. But if you have an associates in nursing and you want a bachelors in business. You will pretty much have to start over and most likely only your prerequisites will count toward your new degree.

What kinds of jobs can I get with a project management degree?

You can manage products at a company, such as shipment and production, distribution. It would probably be better to go ahead and earn your business associates degree and earn more money then production management.

Where can one go to earn a Web Design degree?

There are several ways for someone to earn a web design degree. A person could take online course and earn a degree that way. Also, a person can attend a college or university and major in web design to earn a degree.

Where could one go to get an associate degree in accounting?

You could learn and earn an associate degree in accounting at Kaplan University, Keiser University, DeVry University and Southern New Hampshire University.

Where can I find more information on how to get an online degree?

You can earn a degree online at a number of schools such as DeVry University, University of Phoenix, and Liberty University. To find out more information you can go to

Did pdiddy go to Harvard?

No. He went to Howard University in Washington, DC. He did not earn a degree from that institution.

How long does it take to get a bachelors in psychology if you have a associates degree?

Answer 1: A bachelors degree is a four-year degree containing 120 semester credit hours. An associates degree is a two-year degree containing 60 semester credit hours. Someone with an associates degree, then, would need to go to school for two more years, and earn an additional 60 semester credit hours in order to earn a bachelors.Sadly, though, it might not be quite as easy as all that. If the institution that awards the bachelors degree decides that something is missing from the associates degree, then some additional coursework, too make-up for whatever the associates degree lacks, might be required. Most bachelors programs don't require so much that it will add another year or anything like that; but it's entirely possible that an entire summer session's worth of additional courses may be necessary. With any luck, though, the entirety of the associates degree will count as the entire first two years of the bachelors degree, and so, therefore, an additional two years is all it will take to earn the bachelors.

When should i apply for a university?

I intend to go to a 2-year community college earn my associated degree, serve the military for probably 2~4 years afterwards. Later, go to an university getting my barchelar degree.

How long does it take to earn a degree in electronic engineering?

Depends on the university you go to but up to 6 years.

Where can I go to photography school?

If you are looking to get a Bachelor's degree in photography, Appalachian State University has a wonderful program. If you would like to obtain an Associates degree, try Randolph Community College.

How long do you have to be in school for a register nurse?

To become a registered nurse, a minimum of two years of schooling is required. This will earn an associates degree in nursing. Many nurses go on to further their education and earn a BSN, or a bachelor of science in nursing degree, with two more years of schooling.

If you go to an international university and earn a degree can you use your degree in your home country?

It depends on whether the degree and university is recognized within your country. Just because the university is referred to as international, does not necessarily mean it is recognized in your home country, or any other country for that matter.

If you have your Associates degree can you just go for your master's degree?

No, the prerequisite for the master's degree is a bachelor's degree.

Is bachelors required before an associates?

No the associate degree comes first followed by the bachelor's degree. However, many students go directly for the bachelor's degree without pursuing the associates degree.

What is the value of an associate's degree?

An associates degree is very valuable in obtaining a bachelors degree. This is no joke. Very few positions pay more and a dollar or 2 an hour more for an associates over a high school graduate, often not even that. However, getting an associates if very valuable in determining if you've got what it takes to earn a bachelors degree, so many people start out going for the AA and get the BA, if they can't then they can feel good about the next direction they go knowing they did what they could.

How do you become a RN?

To become an RN you must go to school to earn an associates degree (two years). After school you must then take the boards to get your license to become a nurse. Then you can apply for a job.

How do you you become a rn?

To become an RN you must go to school to earn an associates degree (two years). After school you must then take the boards to get your license to become a nurse. Then you can apply for a job.

In order to get a masters degree do you have to finish your associates at a community college then go to a university?

To obtain the master's degree (if starting at a community college), it will take two years at the community college, two additional years at a four year college or university, and then two to three years to finish the master's degree depending on the specialty.

Where can I get more information about getting my BA associates degree?

The best choice would to go on various websites of university's and just see if they have a BA associates degree. If they don't search for a new one, if they do there is bound to be more information on the website. Also don't be afraid to ask friends. They may know. Hoped this helped you.

Can you go to college and get just a minor degree?

If you mean what is the lowest degree you can get in college than that is an Associates degree.

What is a ADS degree?

An ADS degree is an associates degree in advertising. Once you have this degree, you can complete more schooling to go after a BFA.

Where can I go to earn my doctoral?

There are many various institutions you can earn your doctor's degree. Everest College, Atlantic International University and Harvard University are among a few that you can select from but I will personally recommend Everest College because it's cheaper and can save you money.

Is it unusual to send out graduation announcements for an associate's degree even if your planning on going for a higher degree at a university?

* You worked hard, passed and are graduating from that course, so it's appropriate to send out a graduation announcement. Some people may get this degree and then work, travel, go back to university and earn a higher degree.