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You can, however I would make sure there is a specific reason for doing so. For example, your career goals have changed, and the new associates degree will lead you to your overall career goals and objectives as in, an associates in business to a registered nurse. Otherwise you are much better off pursuing The Bachelor's degree.

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2009-04-13 23:21:36
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Q: Can you earn more than one Associates degree?
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Will a diagnostic medical sonographer who has a bachelors degree earn a higher salary than one who has an associates?

Yes,diagnostic medical sonographer who has a bachelors degree earn a higher salary than one who has an associates,because a degree associates has become popular.

What is ones advantages with an associates online degree?

"An associates degree online provides more flexibility than a traditional classroom setting degree, and the degree allows more opportunities for higher-paying jobs."

What is a high paying job that only requires 4 years of college?

Becoming a Registered Nurse. Those with the four year degree earn lots more than those with the 2 year Associates degree.

How much more does a college graduate earn than non college graduate?

A college gradute with a Bachelors degree will earn about 65% more than a High School graduate. A Masters degree will get you about 105% more.

How long does it take to earn a BA in business at the University of Phoenix after you have already earned you Associates degree?

If the associates is in a business transferable program, it should take no more than two years to complete your bachelors. They do offer accelerated programs also where you can finish in less time.

How long does it take to get a bachlors degree after you get a associate's degree?

Answer 1: Assuming that the two years of the associates degree count toward the entire first two (freshman and sophomore) years of the bachelors degree, then the student would enter said bachelors degree as a full junior, and would then need to complete only the junior and senior years. In such a circumstance, it would take just two (2) years of full-time study, after the associates degree, to earn a bachelors degree.An associates degree is nothing more than one-half of a bachelors degree. Simple as that.

Is bachelor's degree higher than associative?

The order of college degrees is Associates, Bachelors, Masters, PhD, MD and JD. A Bachelors degree would be higher than an Associates degree.

How long does it take to earn a bachelor's degree if you have your associates degree?

I started pursuing my bachelors almost 2 yrs ago. I suppose if you have alot of time to talk more than one class at a time and additional time to do homework you could get it done in 18months.

Are there any online courses for earning an associates degree?

Yes, you can earn your associate degree online. People actually say it's much more convenient to get your degree online than on campus due to flexibility. Most online courses available for an associate degree fall under business, technology and criminal justice.

Can you go to college and get just a minor degree?

If you mean what is the lowest degree you can get in college than that is an Associates degree.

Do lawyers earn more money than nurses with a bs degree?

yes indeed

What is required for an Associates of Science degree?

An associates in science (AS) degree can cover a variety of areas. There is no generic curriculum particular to an AS, For example, one can acquire an AS in Nursing, Engineering, and even Liberal Studies (exploring the arts ans sciences). What I can say is the science degree will be more specific or we can say more career oriented than the arts degree. Thus, there will be more career focused.

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