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Can you eat applesauce before a colonoscopy?

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can you eat yogart the day before a colonoscopy

Doctors recommend that you should eat only fruits and vegetables 3 days before your colonoscopy is scheduled and only liquids 1 day before the colonoscopy. Intake of laxatives is mandatory a day before colonoscopy.

NO, you can't eat anything within 24 hours of a colonoscopy, your doctor should have told you that!

Prior to a colonoscopy, you will not eat ANYTHING for about 16 hours. You will drink a LOT of fluids and use a laxative to completely empty your colon.

Your caregiver will give you the answer you need.

You will get a bowel prep to clean the bowel before colonoscopy and you only need to stay on fluid diet for a day, so it will be all right to have a normal diet and beans 5 days before colonoscopy

The answer to this question must come from a qualified physician.

Jellow and apple juice and black coffee and tea. :)

you can have jello but not red,orange,or purple. Chicken or beef broth. That's all I eat two days before colonoscopy. It really sucks having no food but I heard it's worth the wait. Good luck!

It might be OK, but the only way to know for certain is to ask the physician who will do your colonoscopy.

You do not need any special diet before or after a colonoscopy. It is a diagnostic test using a fiber optic camera.

Sort of. On Hanukkah, it is traditional to eat potato pancakes, which are commonly served with applesauce, but the applesauce doesn't have any significance.

yeah. of course. you can eat pickles with cream cheese.of course you cant stupid face! :(

The colon must be thoroughly cleansed before performing colonoscopy. Consequently, for two or more days before the procedure, considerable preparation is necessary to clear the colon of all stool.

to clean the bowel more efficiently

No. You are suppose to be fasting and taking the pill or liquid given to you.

your doctor should have told you. drink some laxative and be on a clear diet the night before your procedure

Yes as long as it is fat free broth.

No sherbet nor ice cream since they are dairy products.

You usually fast and use a bowel prep (cleansing solution) prior to a colonoscopy. Read the instructional booklet your doctor or nurse gave you and follow your doctors advise.

Yes, do not have red or purple ones, as I'm having a colonoscopy and gastroscopy in 18 hours I am eating boiled lollies but not swallow them, good luck :)

No, the doctor will not give him Gatorade for preparing for a colonoscopy. At the visit before the colonoscopy, he will be given very specific directions as to what to eat and drink the days and night before. If he follows those, he should be fine after the procedure. Usually clear liquids are recommended, and Gatorade has coloring.

If you are the one performing the colonoscopy, sure. If you are the one getting 'scoped you better ask your doctor. They usually tell you to stop eating solids 24 hours before and give you a gallon or two of something to clean you out that you have to drink before.

yes,applesauce is good to eat and it comes in many different flavors so you can pick the kind you like.