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Q: Can you eat five plates of curry in one day?
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What did people eat on in shakespeares day?


Who is billy Khan?

billy khan is a man who works at LIDL, he eats curry and is known to eat 106 plates of curry in a week. he went to cambridge university but he isn't that clever

If you eat five apples a day does this count as five of your five a day allowance?

No it doesn't, you have to eat 5 DIFFERENT fruits

What would people in sri lanka eat on a normal day?

In a normal day, Sri Lankans would eat Rice and Curry.

Did the romans eat curry?

No, the Romans did not eat curry as this spice was not available to them. Curry is a common ingredient used in Indian cuisine.

How do you eat curry?

I eat usually eat curry with pork, chicken, carrots, potato, and Indian Pancakes.

How much pasta do you eat a day?

15631021364531234563486456+4863123154561234615346431231351385653231635313123516 plates :D

What are the adjectives in Many wolves eat five pounds of food a day?

many wolves eat five pounds of food a day

Do people in England eat scones and curry?

People do eat scones in England. People do eat curry in England.

Can you eat dried curry leaf after making a curry?


What foods do Guyana people eat?

they eat duck curry/chicken curry/bake&saltfish/

What food do they eat in Pakistan?

They eat curry.

How do kina eat?

A Kina Has Five Tooth Plates That Point Upwards Called Aristotles Lantern

How much vegetables should people eat?

People should eat at least greens that means 2 plates a day

What do you eat with curry?


Do chickens eat curry?


What is a good curry?

A good curry is chicken curry. It is very spicy and will delight all that eat it.

Do Zimbabwe people eat curry?

NO! people in Zimbabwe don't eat curry because they think it is just to chili. But they doo it soup BUT JUST NOT CURRY

Why do Indians eat curry foods?

Indians enjoy the flavor of curry.

Rash all over your body only thing you have done different was to eat a curry?

Don't eat curry for a few days, and see if the rash goes away. If it does, have some curry. If the rash comes back, then you'll know not to eat curry any more. If it doesn't, then it was probably unrelated, and you can eat curry if you like.

When do Indians eat?

They eat curry, rice and soup.

What do they eat on Deepavali?

They eat prata,murruku and curry

How do you eat curry with your mouth?

Curry usually burns a bit so I would eat it with yogurt or something else.

Do hindus eat curry?

For sure.

Do Sikhs eat curry?

Yes they do.