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If they are ripe why not. Very few things need processing when it comes to fruit and vegtables.

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Can you eat the dates from a date palm tree?

Yes, dates are edible, and delicious.

What is to eat seven dates daily?

Dates are the fruit from a Date Palm tree. Eating dates will keep the bowels moving.

What do Tokelau people like to eat?

They like to eat food that come from the coconut tree and from the sea because they're are nice and fresh to eat. Like fresh fish from the sea and others and the coconut tree fresh to drink and fresh to eat. TE MALIE

How long does fish stay fresh after the sell by date?

Fish isn't fresh at all beyond the sale date. The sale date determines when fish are acceptable to eat. Do not eat fish beyond the sale date.

Can rabbits eat the leaves of willow tree branches?

Yes rabbits can eat willow tree branches.Ê In fact rabbits can eat everything on a willow tree including branches and leaves, they can be eaten fresh and do not need to be dried.

Can you eat dates from a palm tree?


How can you know if chicken is fresh?

It's best to follow the best by date as might can cause serious illness if you eat it when it isn't fresh, and if in doubt don't eat it. There tends to be an odour of it isn't fresh.

Are fresh cream cakes ok to eat the day after the sell by date?


Can one eat expired cornflakes?

You can eat expired Corn Flakes if they look and smell okay. The date on the box is not actually an expiration date, it is a best if used by date. The Corn Flakes are not as fresh after that date.

Can you eat honey nut shredded wheat 2 years out of date but sealed?

It may not taste as fresh as within-date shredded wheat, but it will not be harmful to eat it.

Can eat dry or fresh dates in high uric acid?

yes, you can

When are fresh dates ready to eat?

Dates are ready to eat whenever they are mushy and sweet. A more specific way to determine when ripe enough is when the

How are date seeds dispersed?

They can fall off their tree or plant and an animal will eat the date and the seeds will come out of their behind.

Will backyard lizards eat any food you can buy from a store?

No. They mainly eat vegies and fresh fruits from a tree or just grass and leaves

Can dogs eat dates?

While a dog may eat a date, dates are not a natural food for a dog and will not be good for them.

Name animals that eat the dates of the date palm?

The bear

Can you eat outdated ground beef?

Yes. The date on fresh meat is there for a" best if used by" date. You can eat it without fear after the date. No longer than 5 to 7 days if kept in the refrigerator. Up to 3 months if frozen.

Is packaged fresh mozzarella safe to eat if the sell by date HAS passed but cheese is still in package and looks good.?

That could depend how far past the sell by date it has gone. Whether or not you should eat it will be your decision.

Can rabbits eat out of date red grapes?

Rabbits can't eat any "out of date" foods. Anything you wouldn't eat, don't give the rabbit. (Of course, some foods you'd never eat, like carrot tops; but you can still tell if it's fresh or not in the same way you can tell if your food is fresh or not.) Don't give any foods to your rabbit that are rotten, spoiled, moldy, etc.

Can you eat refrigerated biscuits beyond date?

most dates on food products only refer to the date when the food is best by. The date does not mean the food is unsafe to eat past that date. You can still eat somthing slightly beyond date if it does not clearly smell or look like it has gone bad.

Can i eat jello pudding snacks after the Expiration date?

Yes you can eat them, they are just not guaranteed to be at there best taste or "fresh." If you wait to long though they will go bad. I would say a week after the exp date wont be harmful.

What do tree kangaroos specifically eat?

They eat tree because they are tree kangaroos .

Which is the tree which can eat the person?

No tree can eat a person!

How long does chicken stay fresh after the sell by date?

That's a crap shoot. Usually about a day, but if it smells "iffy" I wouldn't eat it. Stores play a lot of games with "sell by" dates. Some stores remark unsold packages with later "sell by" dates, while other stores always shave a day or so off the dates they know the meats will still be fresh, to get you to buy meat more often.

Do birch's eat tree?

A birch IS a tree therefore cannot eat another tree.