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Can you eat moldy bread?

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Yes, but it doesn't do you any good.

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If bread smells moldy is it all right to eat?

No. Don't eat bread that smells moldy. Sometimes you can smell it before you see it.

What happens if you eat moldy bread with apple sauce?

if you eat to many of it you will be sick

Why should you eat not moldy bread?

Unless they go to the doctor

Could you die if you eat moldy bread?

You can't really die from eating moldy bread. However, if you eat too much of it, you can get seriously sick or ill because of the fungus( Rhizobium )

Can guinea pigs eat brown and white bread?

If it isn't moldy bread, then yes. If it is moldy, NO. They could get very sick. If they have already eaten it, contact your vet!

How dangerous is it to eat moldy bread if you are pregnant?

Moderately dangerous. Moldy bread can cause food poisoning which, in severe cases, can cause early termination of the pregnancy.

Is it safe to eat wet bread?

Yes, as long as it is not infected or moldy.

What are some catchy titles for moldy bread experiments?

* Moldy Bread -- Not Just the old Moldy Bread You Know * Trust the Crust?

What to do if you eat moldy bread?

Eating moldy bread is not harmful. If you get an upset stomach (probably more from the thought of it), drink a glass of water or take a little pink bismuth.

Do chickens eat bread?

Yes, bread can be given to chickens as a treat. Do not feed moldy bread to the chickens.Another answerChickens LOVE bread a lot, although you probably shouldn't feed it to them all the time - just as a treat or when you have some leftover. My chickens eat moldy bread too, with no ill affects at all.

Is it healthy to eat moldy bread?

No, its not healthy . Most fungi are dangerous for health .

Can cows eat moldy bread?

Yes, but it's not recommended since it can cause health problems in them, just like with moldy hay.

Is it healthy to eat bread pudding made from moldy bread?

== == * I've eaten it and I'm still alive. Just make sure that you take the mold off. Also, don't use extremely moldy bread: If your bread has more than three small colonies or a large one, then throw it out... One way of checking if the bread is safe to eat is that if the bread has a peachy smell or a grass smell, it's bad. == == * No, eating moldy bread is never a good idea!!

Will moldy bread harm birds?

that i know of no moldy bread doesnt harm birds.

If one piece of bread is moldy are the rest bad?

no... it just matters where the bread is and what happened to the bread to make it moldy

What happened in the daily lives of medieval europeans?

For a peasant: Wake up, eat some moldy bread, work, work, work, work, work, work, work, work, eat some moldy bread, sleep, repeat.

Why do moldy bread smell?

because it's moldy

How dangerous is it to eat moldy bread when pregnant?

Don't try it, it might damage the pregnesy

Can you eat bread if some of it is moldy but not all of it?

No because if some of it is mouldly then in a while all of it will be..................

Is bread going moldy a physical or chemical change?

Bread going moldy is a chemical change

Can you die from eating moldy bread?

No, eating moldy bread is not harmful, it just tastes funny.

Is it ok to eat bread which is past its use by date the bread says yes?

If it's not moldy then go for it. There isn't really anything in bread that will kill you.

Is it dangerous to eat mold on bread stored in the refrigerator?

It could be dangerous to eat mold that grew on the bread. Since we don't know what mold it is and some molds do product toxins, don't eat moldy bread.

Is moldy bread safe to eat?

It depends on how moldy it is. If it's not too bad, and you can easily scrape off the moldy part than I would say go ahead and eat it. If it's very moldy all over I'd be careful because you might get sick. The USDA Suggests throwing the bread out if it is moldy at all. The mold on grain can make you sick.

Can chickens eat bread?

Chickens LOVE bread as a treat, but it shouldn't be all that they eat of course. They are even fine with eating moldy bread - it won't hurt them, and is better than throwing it away.

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