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Can you eat mushrooms when pregnant?

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Mushrooms are a good source of zinc, which is important for normal fetal growth and development during pregnancy. Of course there are poisonous mushrooms that could cause you and the baby great harm, so never eat fresh mushrooms unless you are certain of there type and safety.

2006-07-18 17:42:19
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Do skunks eat wild mushrooms?

yes they do eat mushrooms

Are mushrooms diuretic?

Not ordinary mushrooms that you eat.

Can you eat mushrooms you find in your yard?

If you are not familiar with what mushrooms are toxic and which are not you should not eat them. Many toxic mushrooms look very similar to edible mushrooms.

What do salmon eat mushroom?

Salmon do not eat mushrooms. They eat other aquatic wildlife, and mushrooms can't survive underwater. There are a few underwater mushrooms, though.

Do wild animals eat mushrooms?

yes some wild animals eat mushrooms

Can goats eat mushrooms?

It is not advised that goats eat mushrooms which grow in the wild. Some species of mushrooms can be very toxic to these animals.

Mushrooms eat trees because trees are the only food mushrooms CAN eat without catching an allergy or rash.?

stop eating mushrooms.

Do snails eat mushrooms?

Yes they do eat mushrooms. Along with leaves, stems and roots (etc.)

Do animals eat mushrooms?

of course animals eat mushrooms.. Animals could eat anything that resembles and continues their living.. ANIMALs DO EAT MUSHROOMS.. Well depends what type of animal it is.. Etc for a domestic dog.. dogs dont eat mushrooms if you fed them.. So yeh. Depends

Do frogs eat mushrooms?

yes, mushrooms are full of proteins.

Should you eat mushrooms?

You should only eat the non-poisonous mushrooms, unless you want to die.

Do birds eat mushrooms?

Yes, birds are known to eat mushrooms. Brown Thrashers and Jays for example

What types of fungi do you eat?

we eat mushrooms:)

What type of mushrooms should a pregnant person eat?

Cooked Ones they say that preg women should not eat raw mushrooms due to the risk of contracting listreia bacteria, same applies fir soft cheeses, processed meats and shellfish(oysters etc)

Is it safe to eat mushrooms while pregnant?

Depends on the mushroom. If you mean the type used as a drug, no. A mushroom you use in cooking wouldn't hurt.

Do badgers eat mushrooms?

Yes, Badgers love mushrooms. LOVE THEM.

Why is it not safe to eat all mushrooms?

Some mushrooms may be poisonous.

Are fairy ring mushrooms eaten?

yes you can eat fairy ring mushrooms because they are nonpoisen mushrooms

Do mushrooms eat worms?


Do foxes eat mushrooms?


Does mushrooms eat caterpillars?


Do carnivores eat mushrooms?

no it does not

Do cows eat mushrooms?


Do Eastern box turtles eat poisonous mushrooms?

Box turtles can eat species of mushrooms that are poisonous to humans.

Are mushrooms safe when pregnant?

Mushrooms don't actually get pregnant in the conventional sense, they re-produce by letting off millions of tiny spores. This process is quite safe to them, so please don't worry about mushrooms any more!