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Can you eat salvia divinorum and will you still get an effect?


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May 28, 2010 4:52AM

You could, but it would take much more material to produce the desired effects than if it was smoked. The active components of salvia are poorly absorbed in the stomach, and thus swallowing an extract, infusion, or any salvia preparation is very inefficient. For this reason, salvia users who do not wish to smoke typically take it as a quid (a bunch of leaves rolled into a cylinder) which is held in the mouth and chewed. It should be noted that the effects of orally ingested salvia last longer than the effects of saliva that is smoked, even though the effects are generally not as strong.

I've heard of people extracting "Salvadorian A" from saliva and since salvia's dose is measured in micrograms it can fit on blotter paper. So they lay it on a sheet of blotting paper like acid. But its hits of the active chemical in salvia prepared for oral ingestion.