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Can you eat scallops while pregnant?

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Lots of different advice and opinions on this so unfortunately this will not be a comprehensive yes or no answer here. The majority of discussion about what types of fish and shellfish can be eaten are based around the amount of Mercury that their flesh may contain. All sea creatures ingest mercuy to some level but as it builds up in their flesh over time then the most danger comes from larger longer living fish and fish that are higher in the food chain that eat other fish. Thereby consuming all the mercury that has built up in smaller fish. Based on the averageamount of mercury found in different species there are guidelines that can be found for each type of fish. I have listed the main options below. Eat Up to 1 Serving (6 ounces) per Week: * Tuna Steaks * Canned albacore or chunk white tuna * Halibut * Snapper Eat Up to 2 Servings (12 ounces) Per Week: * Shrimp, crab, clams, oysters, scallops * Canned Light Tuna * Salmon * Mahi Mahi * Pollock * Catfish * Cod My last piece of advice would be the same as any other food related question for pregnant women and anyone who is concerened about the quality of the food they are buying and eating. BUY FRESH. Simple as it sounds that is the best advice I can give anyone. Don't buy bulk, don't buy the cheapest option and if it's possible where you live buy from farm shops or markets where you can meet the person who has produced this. Don't be scared to go to big fish markets they will be just as willing to sell 1 or 2 portions to you as they will to sell 500 to your local supermarket the only difference is that you dont have wait 3-7 days for them to repackage and display it.

2008-01-18 18:14:53
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Q: Can you eat scallops while pregnant?
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People eat scallops. Otters do to.

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There are some species of fish that do indeed eat scallops. Many other small marine animals are also prey to scallops.

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no they eat plankton

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You can eat cooked scallops cold. You should be sure that they were cooked well, and refrigerated however. Do not eat them if they have been left out.

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