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Can you eat spicy foods while pregnant?

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Eating spicy food while pregnant is fine for mother and baby (who only gets a very small fraction of what mother consumes). If a food won't agree with you such as peppers (hot or sweet), spices, etc., then your stomach will let you know ... you'll get heartburn or bad gas and all you have to do is stop eating it. Women who are pregnant can have some very weird cravings (caused hormone changes) so eat what you feel like, but watch that weight gain. DON'T GO ON A DIET, but eat healthy because you are also feeding your baby.

One WikiAnswerer heard that if you crave lots of spicy food while pregnant, your baby is most likely a boy. Another argues that it's a bit of delightful nonsense, but if you want spicy food, eat away.

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What type of spicy food can I eat while I am pregnant?

Most pregnant women stop eating spicy foods and other things, like meat, because it upsets their stomach. If the spices do not affect you, then you may eat them.

Is it safe to eat spicy foods while pregnant?

Yes, it fine as long as you are comfortable with it. It may cause heartburn.

Can you eat spicy foods?

Yes you can eat spicy foods but like everything too much can cause problems

What to eat for gastritis?

most doctors suggest not eating greesy or spicy foods for a while.

Do Argentines eat spicy foods?


Does Irish People eat spicy food?

They are not traditional foods in Ireland, but some Irish people do like and eat spicy foods.

Is pizza one of the best foods to eat while pregnant?

Pizza is high in calories, fat, cholesterol, and carbohydrates. Therefore, it is not one of the best foods to eat while pregnant.

Does ben barnes eat spicy foods?

yes he loves spicy pasta

Why would someone crave spicy foods?

the where born to eat spicy food

When can you eat spicy foods when you have a tongue ring?

Lay off of spicy foods for about 2 weeks after getting the piercing.

Is it good to eat spicy foods when you have a cold?

it is always good to eat spicy food even if your sick

You have irritable bowl syndrome what foods should you avoid?

you are not allowed to eat spicy foods some dairy products you are not allowed to eat spicy foods some dairy products

Who eat bland foods?

Cancer patients eat bland foods becasue they cannot eat spicy foods. Hope this helps...

Is it safe to eat any kind of nut during pregnancy?

Nuts are fine to eat while you pregnant (unless you're allergic to nuts, of course). Just stay away from foods like chili and *extremely* spicy foods such as really hot hot wings and sauces.

Is it bad for you to eat spicy foods?

Yes. Eating spicy foods can make you have a stomach ache and even a painful throat.

Did the ancient Romans eat spicy food?

No. The ancient Romans often ate chickens but they did not eat spicy foods.

Why does your toungue feel hot when you eat spicy foods?

When you eat spicy foods, the receptors on the tongue that respond are pain fibres that normally respond to heat (hence hot).

What are some of the best foods to eat while pregnant?

Foods high in protein and vitamins are great to eat while pregnant. Be careful about anything that may have been sprayed with pesticides or have lots of heavy metals, like fish.

What special foods do Hmong women eat while pregnant?

They usually eat chicken boil with herbs.

What foods do they eat in Asia?

lots of rice, noodles, spicy foods, weird foods too. and cats

What happens when you eat a lot of salt or spicy foods?

if you eat a lot of spicy foods, your mouth may burn and your stomach may be upset. Too much salt can be bad for your heart.

Can you eat hot food while pregnant?

Yes you can. If you develop different likes and dislikes while pregnant some foods may taste bad to you that you usually enjoy, but hot foods aren't dangerous for pregnant women.

Can pregnant women eat spicy foods?

I think yes it would help you go into labor then have good sex and a warm bath n you will go into labor

How do you get use to the hot taste of spice?

you eat spicy foods and add hot sauce to almost all your foods that's how i got used to spicy flavors!

Why do i have a Stomach ache after eating spicy foods?

When you eat spicy foods, they often produce a lot of stomach acid. Stomach acid can give you a stomach ache.